Friday, April 22, 2016

Finished UFO

Last blog was the Bag It Tag It of a few UFOs to take to the girl's retreat weekend. I always over estimate how much I will get done so the bags yielded only one finished. The opening of the bag is the easy part and then the hard part of remembering what I intended to so with the contents. Had to get my mind wrapped around the vision from over a year ago and what I thought I might have when finished.

 I had seven star blocks from our Modern Quilt Guild block of the month I have blogged about in 2014. I had a crisscross pattern I thought gave a good grid. stars 12.5 unfinished/grid blocks 12.0 unfinished as lay out began it was the coping strips that had to be set in and everything fit somewhere. This is always my favorite part of the process when I have to use math and visual to get a finished product. Fun for sure. After much setting, sewing, not liking, ripping, setting, sewing and finally happy with the look the top is complete. Quilting will be fun as it gives a lot of lines to play with.

looks wavy at top but that is design board waffle. It is 47x60 and will be fun to finish. Now to open the next bag of UFO delight. Hope each of you reading this have a fun and fabulous UFO bag to open.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bag IT Tag IT Ready to Sew

Putting it all in the bag makes an easy pull for those UFOs in my studio. Ok I must confess that this was part of my studio clean up finds. Cleaning the fabric cubes some UFOs were hidden in the back but at least they were with all the fabric and pattern. I can get distracted by another project and they must run and hide from me? Note to UFOs, you can run but you can't hide forever. Here are two I found hiding. Now I know why I saved those zipper bags from the sheets I bought, they are so wonderful with a pocket in the front of the bag to put the pattern and super roomy. These two are going with me this weekend for the girl's quilting retreat weekend. I now have other bags created to put cut ready to sew charity project pillow cases; cut ready to sew Lutheran Worth Relief (LWR) school bags;  LWR cut and ready to sew 10.5" blocks for quilt tops; and who know what else will need a bag.  Organization is a wonderful thing (as we all know) and organized takes less space in the cube... just a little more time to get the organization started and continued. It's a good thing.
This was started for a paint chip

This was selected to use some 12" star BOM 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Catching Threads

A little thread catcher is always handy so I made some to have as a quick gift for friends.  I then started thinking of all the things one could "catch" and came up with this list
  • Pistachio shells as you eat them
  • Put on your desk to hold Staples that you remove from papers with the staples puller
  • Put in cup holder and catch Starbucks to go cup plastic plugs
  • Put by machine to catch binder clips as you take them off
The pattern was from the internet blog Fabric Therapy and was mostly hand sewing. I did some modification to do a bit more of it by machine sewing.


 My Machine Sewing changes:
  I made the bottom by sandwiching the circle and sewing on the machine

Cut two circles from medium weight cardboard (mine were some old postcards I had laying around) glued batting on each of them them glued them together

Put glued bottoms on fabric


Used zipper foot to sew around bottom

Nice and easy

Pinked round  Bottom finished

  Followed pattern and used Pringles "can" for the inner ring.  After sewing the side I then folded up in half and inserted the ring.
Folded in half, ring ready to insert

Inserted ring
Then sewed the top together on the machine and hand stitched ring in place. (I did sew one of the rings on the machine, but was just too fiddly making my hand sewing oh so much quicker. )

Top matched at seam and clamped

Ready to sew together

(sorry lite is wonky) Sewing top

Top sewed all ready to slip in bottom and finish

Finished off by hand sewing the bottom in.

Ready to sew in the bottom

Now have a few that will make great gifts for crafty friends and others.

Still thinking of other things one can catch in this handy fold down tread catcher.
Behold it can catch M&Ms.
All ideas welcomed!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bunny Snack Table Runner

It is Spring and with the turn of the season also comes for our family the Easter season.  It is always a time of sadness for what our world caused for the one we call Lord to endure but greatest joy as to what our God gave us in the resurrection of our Lord.  No matter a person's belief there is still the beauty of Spring with the budding of a fresh new world after a sleepy Fall and Winter.  The Easter Bunny also has a big job of getting the eggs delivered and candy and gifts.  Bunnies can get hungry what with all the hopping so we leave snacks to keep the bunny going.  Jelly beans, cookies, carrot cake, chocolate...well most anything sugary yummy and we want to make sure the bunny can see quickly where to hop and snack.  To ensure the bunny sees it I made a giant carrot from the pattern All People Quilt  (After seeing how cute I made 4 more for my kid's families and my BFF)  A big plus with this project is I got to use a lot of orange fabric scraps and using scraps is always a good thing. 

Flip & Sew Carrot Table Runner

Stash for orange fabric

Strips all cut ready to sew

All done - one of five I made

back looking good for this quilt as you go pattern

one already delivered, three to be mailed and one stays with me...the Bunny needs a place for snacks here too.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Medallion Center for Fort Worth MQG...behold the rainbow

The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild has a medallion quilt "round robin" going. It is not a round robin where others add borders but every month we add a border, to our own center to get our name in for a drawing each time and there will be a grand prize at the end.  It is nice as there is no pressure to have to do a certain amount of borders or a certain style/pattern but the idea and an example to follow or embrace is on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild site as they did this last year. I love the rainbow/color wheel quilts with a bit of color blocking and began mine with this in mind.
“This quilt was made using an Autumn Street pattern.” link to the shop:

the center block is 18" finished
Now working on the next round...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Being Square is Quilting Fun

A  baby is the very best reason to make a quilt.  Boy babies are a bit more challenging as I can't just use pink, girly it up and be done.  Boy quilts take a bit more thought at least for me, as girly girl is easy being a girl and all.  So enter the book Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo DavisBook link The grandparents are our friends and they have always had doxies, so their daughter I know loves dogs and grew up with doxies so this is what I chose....tons of fun!

Like the tree back
tagged back
signed back

Enjoyed showing it at the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild meeting where chuckles were lifted.  #FWMQG  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Can you say nitenite...pillowcases

Since last post I completed a baby quilt but no pics yet...I have done a medallion block for the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild but no pic yet.  I have completed two quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief but no pic yet.  I see a pattern pic yet.  I do have a pic to the 12 pillow cases I have cut out ready to sew for the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild...a challenge was given to complete 100 this year for the guild's charity project
I am ready to sew.  Off I go.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Behold---New Tote for Trip to Costa Rica

My DH and I are going to Costa Rica with some friends the last of January.  This is a gifted trip from our friends as a thank you for their living in our home while were were gone for 5 months and their house was not completed to move into.  It all worked out perfect and now a week on the beach will make it all better than ever.   I of course decided a new tote was in the cards.  The pattern I have loved every time I see it is The Laura Tote by Scholosser Designs ( ) created in collaboration with Iza Pearl Design ( ).
I chose material from my stash and was insistant with myself that I buy nothing to make my bag...stash stuff only!  Behold the stash picked for the tote:
I made a few changes to the pattern like adding a zipper pocket in the back and putting in magnetic closure.

Got to sewing and when all ready to put it together I love using the clips vs pins.  The clips makes sewing go smoothly with no pricks or pain. 

Top Stitching
After a couple of days sewing it is all done ready to head to the beach in Costa Rica.

White hair for me! I'm good with loving my hair color and the world of retirement.

Water in the background gets me in the mood for the ocean...bon voyage. I like my bag.

Yes, everything came from my stash (some material a few years old). I like to think of it as a "free" bag but we all know stash is not "free" ...but it seems free?

Friday, January 1, 2016


Each year a word comes to me to give me encouragement of sorts.  I like words a lot and play a lot of word games that challenge my mind to increase vocabulary and if only I were better at spelling sometimes.  A word this past Advent kept coming to my mind....Incarnate...To become flesh, to give a body to word, to become something from a thought, to form something real from what one cannot truly see but can give birth to and then hold it and see it and feel it and give it a place in our lives.

Learner's definition of INCARNATE
[+ object] formal
: to represent (something, such as an idea or quality) in a clear and obvious way : embody
She incarnates the fabric's real purpose. = The fabric's real purpose was incarnated into her quilting.

But Incarnate seemed a bit "heavy" for me even though I find it a word to ponder.  So...

BEHOLD took my attention as it is a word of wonderment.  Behold denotes: look at this; wow did you see this?; oh my what am I looking at; come here , come here and see this; seeing this is something great...
 see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one).

verb: behold; 3rd person present: beholds; past tense: beheld; past participle: beheld; gerund or present participle: beholding

synonyms:see, observe, view, look at, watch, survey, witness, gaze at/upon, regard, contemplate, inspect, eye;

 I do see this word a useful one and gives expression to seeing the year in all kinds of places and ways.  Behold can stand alone or it can carry along other words to an ending... Thus my 2016 Word


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Applique on the Road

It has been so long since I paid attention to the blog, oh my.  Traveling in The Rectangle has taken my focus off the internet and on visiting places new to us.  I have, however, been working on applique that has been in my bag of applique for two years.

 The grapes from the last post are ready to go so I started working on the grape leaves. These were fiddly so decided to do the Sharon Schamber stabilizer method of tuning with glue down and am happy I did as they would have not gone so fast if just needle turning.  Sharon's Secret Foundation link
15 cut and ready to turn onto the stabilizer
 Got them all turned and pinned onto the wreath. Have to say I like them.

I am using the embroidery method to secure just to give some play to the leaves.  This is not as easy or quick as I had thought with the small ins and outs of the leaves but pushing forward gets me to where the end will come and they will be done.  It is still quicker than needle turn yet the glue down of the edges took a lot of patience and time and wine.  The end result is so worth the effort but at the time I wondered if the glue down would ever end.

The leaves are all secured and the veins completed on each. 

The wreath looks fab and I am happy with the results.  Grapes are next and I am starting to experiment with placement.