Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bunny Bags, Yes Easter is Coming

Easter will be here soon and with it the hope of good weather, sunshine and wonderful flowers.  The clan will gather on this late on April Easter day to bring in Spring.  I made gathered bunny bags to put candy in and have for those who come for the day.  I also made a bunch to give to my adopted class of 5 yr olds.

For the tutorial Click Here    Have fun, happy Spring.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

YES Attended the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy

The is my second year to attend the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA.  The new location Kingsmill Resort was delightful and a wonderful place to learn and relax.  Not too far from old town Williamsburg if one wanted to venture to the historic city but unlike the previous location not the one block from old town,...  one had to drive there.  A shuttle was available for $10 round trip and that was nice.  I had a rent car, so exploring was fun in and around the area.
I opted for the full academy 4 day class and a post academy one day class (will post about that class another time).
My full academy class was taught by Sharon Schamber.  Sharon's methods for prepared applique were what I came to learn about and how she masters the crisp clean lines in her pieces.  I picked the perfect class for me and what I wanted to learn.  Sharon is a master at applique and master artist in her work and has won many awards for her quilting.  She dyes the most beautiful fabric and embroidery thread.  Her ability to pass on her skills was so fun to be a part of and if I say I learned a lot that would be such an understatement.  
The method she uses with foundation paper to prepare the pieces were new to me as I have only done traditional needle-turn applique.  I am still getting use to the foundation being left in the pieces and the feel between my fingers and the needle as I sew.  Practice is the key to getting this tactile feel to be "normal".  I am loving learning a new technique  for sure.  I went to learn something different, and this class did not disappoint.
So, this is the block we started to work on...Bower of Splendor
(by Sharon Schamber/2014 All Right Reserved)

and this is how far I got (some leaves pinned on till stems are done)
I did get all the leaves prepared and all the berries prepared too.  I have begun the peacock fabric auditioning process to ensure the color placement is what I want in light/dark etc.  So that is in the works.  

The stems and the process to make them with liquid stitch and pressing is so brilliant and the small size I can get with this method is nothing less than amazing.  This technique I learned was as they say "worth the price of admission".  

Next year....I will return.  I love the Academy.