Saturday, August 25, 2012


This pattern "Just Right Socks" a free download on Ravelry.  I was looking for a "vanilla" sock pattern that would fit and be an easy knit.  I can say this is easy to do, but I am not sure I started with enough cast on stitches.  I would like a little more give in the fit.  It fits me like a glove but is snug.  I also will definately make the top longer if I do this pattern again.  I seem to tend toward the top not long enough issue as I get bored with the top...need to remember bored is OK if I want longer tops.  The thread used is a  Lisa Souza in the Bloojay colorway.The blue is very jean blue and I like it a lot. It is heavier/thicker than I have used in the past, but I like it.  I just hope it will not be too heavy for some of my shoes.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Curve Master Pressure Foot and Round Alaska

I fell in love with the quilt in the magazine Modern Quilting, the quilt is  Project Curious Nature as it is so simple but so beautiful. I was taken by its use of circles and the math concept that has always intrigued by Pi, that the circle doubles itself as you add outer circles.  This quilt grows very fast into the 64x64 as Pi falls into play with the circle.  I decided it had to be the pattern I use for the "Ugly Fabric" quilt event at my local quilt store Quilters Dream, Colleyville, Texas.   I took the material to Alaska with me to find fabric to make the quilt and had so much fun visiting quilt shops (see previous blog post).  So here is the start of the quilt on the design board ready to sew.  This is after many many material auditions!  The fabric except for the one with the pop of red are all from my trip to Alaska, so I think I will name this quilt Round Alaska...but still auditioning names.

As I thought of sewing all the curves I remembered the Curve Master Pressure Foot  I had bought at the Dallas Quilt Show and knew it would be a perfect time to test it and see just how it works and if it is all it says it is.    I remembered how easy it looked as it was demonstrated, and I was sure that would not be the case, but hey, guess one has to try. OMG, it was like a dream come true, I have never known such ease in joining curves.  This foot works exactly as advertised and better, no pinning, no guessing, no fussing, no problem.  I am sailing along on getting it put together.  When complete I will post the final results.  This foot is amazing and I recommend it highly.

Curve Master Pressure Foot  YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN!