Sunday, July 28, 2013

Negative Space Challenge Quilt

My Modern Quilt Guild has a challenge to create a negative space quilt and my idea was to incorporate a tablecloth that had belonged to my mother in law as the top.  A plain white 37x37 inch tablecloth that she used mainly on a card table to set out desserts.  This cloth had been a cut down from a table cloth she had bought from a hotel sale for less than a dollar in the 50s.  She was one to never waste anything and was always ready to repurpose.  I thought it would honor her legacy of this thriftyness and use a beautiful cloth.  Yea, the cloth has some stains but it has in life been laudered I dare not guess how many times.  It worked beautifully and while it was a very loose weave and quilting had its challenges, I love the quality of that cotton, the light pattern in the material and the memories woven into its cloth.  I "copied" a quilt I saw on blog  Just a fun happy pattern.   When my husband saw it he asked if this was the new cloth for the RV that he wanted.  It had not crossed my mind, but it is perfect for that.  So now a new table cloth for fun traveling.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Modern Quilt Guild BOM June/July

 These are simple blocks and while not my "style" they will work after I do the modifications to get the grey "background" around all the edges but they will work to get them counted for the BOM challenge for our Modern Quilt Guild.

Row block ... I love the material and it is just fun.  I will modify this by adding the grey to the other edges, so will cut down and add strips.
I used halloween material for this sample of the BOM.  I will need to revamp for my "real" material, but for now I can use this as my model.  The outer edge of the next one will be spilt so I have grey going around all the outside edges and it will also be split on the inside.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Freedom is not "free".  We all play a part in the patchwork of our country so keep the stitches on your needle a place to sew USA together for all to be free.  Keep I will be in my sewing studio to start a picnic quilt.  So  HAPPY FOURTH!