Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Kats Kats Kats..love this cat pattern with the snail tails. (Kool Kats Kwilt) Who doen't like cats in the garden, hiding and playing?  This quilt was fun to make and I loved seeing the cats form and the tails attach.  The quilt was donated to a cat rescue group to use in a raffle.  It is nice to know something made will be going out into the world to find its place and new home.  I have  quilting friends that ask if I am worried someone will not take care of it....really?  I made it because I loved making it, it is not a prized possession, it is not an heirloom piece, it is not delicate, and it is no longer mine.  I freely put into the universe this work of quilting to bring joy in whatever manner it does.  I know it has already made many smile who have seen it, is that not enough for me...why yes it is.  Thank you very much, those smiles were enough.  Type in the site below for the pattern. 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Giveaway Worth Looking Into

This is a really great case and would make any "girl" of any age happy to receive.  I'd love to have it and it would inpire me to redo a few I have in my closets.  Go to this blog to enter

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Needle in the Sewing Studio

I have had my sewing machine a Viking D1 (Grace)  for 11 years and must say it has served me very well and actually still does.  It is not broke, it is not worn out, it is not unworking, it is in fact still a very good and wonderful machine and it will be the one I still put in may car for those quilting weekends and times when I sew away from the house.  BUT, it is "out of date" in the world of software and tech world.  It uses those wonderful square plastic disks we all thought were a wonderful step up in the computer world.  I do have an external drive that will still read them, but let's be truthful here and just say it is not really user friendly.  SO, a new sewing machine has come to to live with me a Viking Diamond deLuxe   www.husqvarnaviking.com with new software and a thumb drive and a cord to directly connect to the machine from the computer.  It is now set up and it sews like melted butter...we do get used to our machines and know them so well that we overlook small issues.  My Grace could float stitches - happens with age.  The DD is rock steady and so smooth it sings a new song.  I have not named the DD yet, that will take some time to get to know her.
I will use my new DD to quilt the "cat quilt" that I am doing for a cat rescue group to action in December.  Pics later.
My new DD will bring me hours/weeks/years of sewing time.  Thank you LORD for my blessings.