Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Flowers on My Walk

Have not done quilting lately as travel has been taking a lot of time. RV Rallies in Louisana and several in Texas have kept us on the road. A lot of fun for sure. So upon returning home it was out to walk in the neighborhood to get those miles logged. It is spring and flowers are showing up in the yards.  Pics of just nice walking views.

OK not a flower but all the man holes have been painted blue??

This too not a flower but...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Expressions of Bandanas

It seems bandanas have been expressions of all sorts of things in this world: cowboys, workers with overalls, dog collars, gangs, placemats, sew together for all sorts of things. The nice thing about them is they are cheap, colorful and easy to sew...the not so good, they are not all the exact same size. In the bags of material I was gifted were a lot of these, enough to sew 3 #lwrquilts .
3 across 4 down makes the 60x80