Saturday, June 3, 2017

Making Patriotic Coaters (easy peezy)

Getting in the mood to celebrate in July the great country I get to call home. Red White and Blue needs to be visible and I need some new coasters and I need some for a couple of hostess gifts. These easy to make coasters are my go to for a lot of holidays to give as thanks you, hostess or thinking of you gifts. Here is a quick how I do these...
I make mine cut 5 inch finish 4.5 inch.
*You will need to cut batting and material squares all 5 inches. Each coaster will take
1 batting square and 4 fabric squares. Your choice of materials and combinations are infinity and can be whatever you want.
1  - 5 inch square will be one side of coaster
1  - 5inch square will be the inside for the folded stemmed wine glass holder
2  - 5 inch squares will be for the folded inserts to create the stemmed wine glass holder
I used plaid for the inside of the folded stemmed wine glass holder and stars for the side without inserts 

* Make a sandwich       Materials will be put on batting with wrong side to  the batting; right side of materials facing out.

*Fold and press two of the 5" squares with wrong sides together

*Put folded pieces onto the side that will be the finished side without the inserts of your coaster with wrong sides matching; folded sides together.
folded pieces on top of square that will be the side without the inserts of coaster

*Sew 1/4" around all sides
1/4" seam on all sides

*Make sure bottom square as you are sewing stays flat...
What not to do!

*Clip corners
Corners clipped

*Now turn and you are DONE
Insert for stemmed wine glass side
"bottom" or to use when not wanting to insert stemmed wine glass

*press and enjoy...

I keep some ready to gift or use... they come in very handy for a quick hostess gift with 2 or 4 tied nicely together with ribbon and tag.

Thanks for being here!  Enjoy YOUR summer sewing.