Sunday, October 5, 2014

Treat Bags Tricks Here

Halloween treats in these small bags will grab and capture the spirit of the season. I used a lot of stash material and because it does not take much material was able to use some of "scraps". I love stash finding its way into the world. Treating these will make for easy mailing and yet have great fun for the receivers. 

 Pattern is free here        All People Quilt 
 Project: Tiny Treats Designer: Monica Solorio-Small of Happy Zombie
The Happy Zombie

I can see these made out of all sorts of holiday fabrics throughout the year!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween Pillows

 The beginning of Fall and loving the weather here; cool, dry and just right for sitting on the patio or daydreaming out a window in my sewing studio.  I will not be at home after the 15th of October for a couple of months...RVing time.  So the Halloween table runner made me think of pillows for the den now and then they can dress up the RV!    (The pattern is a free one from -  Project: Happy Haunts; Designer: Sue Marsh of Whistlepig Creek Productions (WPCREEK.COM))
I of course modified from the actual pillow as I had a round pillow form I wanted to use and a lot of stuffing needing to be used for a square pillow.

The square pillow ...EeK    I did not want to do the double border or bind (as pattern called for).  Did a 4 inch folded over border put batting between the folds and sewed, leaving a hole to turn.  Sewed in the ditch around the border to make a "flange" and quilted it free motion in witches hats.  Left an opening so I could stuff.  Stuffed then finished the quilt in the ditch and hand sewed the closing at the top of the border.  Completed the free motion for that portion of the border AND it was a pillow.  So much easier than the pattern or at least it went very fast!

The Bat Pillow was the same in that it was square and I had a round oblong form I wanted to use.  Turned it into a  tube by adding to each end a folded over border to get rid of raw ends and sewed into a tube, turned tube, inserted pillow form and tied the ends.  It turned out great and used a pillow form that has been hanging with me since the 70s when it came home with me from a spa week I was gifted at that time.  Some things are just good basics and it has been covered a million different ways with a million different fabrics. 

Cute, simple quick projects make a Fall day perfect.  (note: made a second bat pillow and stuffed it with pieces of batting I had stuck around in cubby holes in the sewing studio.  I love getting use out of stuff I save that others might toss.

Next project...small treat bags.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Running toward Halloween

Yes...word for the year...YES it is cool weather, YES it is finally raining, YES I am thinking Halloween!
The table runner I made was for a  group I attend,  Moda U.  This pattern Melon Slices (it is called several different names) was our pattern of the month.  I knew I needed a table runner so off on the run I went by pulling out any and all pieces that the melon slice would fit.  Cut/Cut...turn under raw edges... set aside.  Took background fabric and cut into 10 1/2" blocks, sewed them together...base done.  Put the melon slices on the background and button hole stitched all round. Border attached. Easy, peasy.  Top Done.  Sandwiched and free motioned on my Baby Lock Tiara.  I felt it just needed some life, so took the book Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween by Liz Aneloski from the shelf and found the bats.  Perfect!  Three bats later and they are attached to the border.  This is the results.
Until next post..YES, bats can be cute!

Happy Halloween

Thursday, September 4, 2014

UFO Duck Tracks

Looking to reduce, as we all do... OK so I could knock off a few pounds but more than that I need to lighten the UFOs in my sewing studio.  Pulled out a bag from a Christmas party "trade" of many years ago and found in it 20 blocks (none were squared up! in any way shape or fashion) ...

What I know is that I needed to make this quilt 60x80 for what I wanted to use it for and 20 blocks at 6" each does not make it fast or easy to lay out I did the math and the plan:
This needed to be a stash reducer quilt so I pulled all sorts of colors and played around with what I had and it was working well till I got to needing two more blocks of my striped material...piecing began to happen and I can tell you it was close:

First pieced together from scraps
Second block from scrapes...had to trash dive to get some of them

This is what I had left from what I started with...whew, just enough
BUT.. still needed more so dug again and got a solid Pink and white to add to the mix and started to lay it out on design wall...

Needed a few inches on the side so found another pink to add there...It all worked as it was designed. Finished top I like a lot and  is ready to sandwich...

 Why does  my UFO or stash  really not seem any less? I will dive again soon and keep reducing these strays!! All strays need a good home....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Star for July BOM for Modern QG

Time flys when you are in the stars sailing along though summer! July is behind us and we are well into August and time for the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  Here is my July Star BOM.  Wonky three star progression. 

Sort of looks like the two big stars jettisoned the small star....

Monday, July 14, 2014

BOM June Star MQG

The BOM is the Inverted Star  with pattern by Jessica Boschen click here for pattern

Got what I thought the colors would be....but looked at all the finished blocks and decided to reverse the colors  So, this was the finish.

The block is very straight forward with half square triangles creating the center star.  No real challenge in this but it does have a great visual effect. I like it..

They play nice together.  My favorite so far is the May circle of stars.  Really like the simplicity and movement of the stars.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BOM May Stars *** for Modern QG

This block was to be circular and I wanted to do just a simple circle of stars.  My finished blocks are 12" so working the math was to get small stars and a simple placement.  I am not one to plan as well as others as I tend to just dive I drug out the formula for flying geese for any size that I had never used...
X = small square  Y = large square
how wide + one inch = X
X + one and one half inch = Y

I know that this is a very tricky method to get accuracy (at least for me...the one who HATES making geese by any method), but I wanted to try a new method to stretch my mind...  so knew this would get me close to what I wanted. I can say it was tricky with all the cutting to get them all exactly right.   The method to use this formula is shown here Geese method

There is also another popular method to make geese any size here:  No waste geese method

Here is my efforts and the results:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The block of the month for April was to be curved piecing.  The demos at the last guild meeting were excellent and each person did a splendid job of showing their technique and hints for curved piecing.  I have done a lot of curved piecing and do enjoy the way the work looks when finished but was not excited about doing a "dunkard path" type star or something similar.

I love to applique and if it comes to what I really love it is hand work. I find the process of needle into fabric and pulling the thread to see the stitches form very relaxing and creative.  So, when I remembered a star with curved applique it took me to google search it out.

I found it here:  Quilting Treasures  QT 
click Patterns and Projects then scroll through a lot of great patterns and projects to"
The pattern:  Thru The Window using Fat Quarters of Lola Textures
Designed By: Gina Gempesaw Finished Quilt Size: 55" x 70" Block Size: 12" x 12"

My block turned well and I loved the applique work.  

and now there are four

(a bit of mystery quilt top in the corner also on the design wall)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BOM March for Modern Quilt Guild

The March block for the Modern Quilt Guild was to be based on the Moda Candy Stars quilt.
 (Moda tutorial)  It is wonky star but I did not do wonky since January block was wonky.  I drafted out the star with the four patch center and used the Flying Geese x4 No Math Ruler to make star points. I did have one inset (Y) seam because I forgot and put together both of the small stars instead of following my pattern and sew the bottom star in halves in a row.  But the block came out 12.5" so all measured as it should.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stars In the Sky

With "spring forward" the stars in the sky seem to come later and later.  The stars for the BOM of the FW Modern Quilt Guild however are shining on the design board.  The BOM...half square triangle star.  I love these colors!

Really wish the camera would capture the vibrance of the colors here.  They are in real life very bright against a brown that is so rich it makes me swoon.  Moving through the year I will love being with these colors.  YES, colors do make us feel deeply.  What is the color(s)that bring out your swoon?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bunny Bags, Yes Easter is Coming

Easter will be here soon and with it the hope of good weather, sunshine and wonderful flowers.  The clan will gather on this late on April Easter day to bring in Spring.  I made gathered bunny bags to put candy in and have for those who come for the day.  I also made a bunch to give to my adopted class of 5 yr olds.

For the tutorial Click Here    Have fun, happy Spring.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

YES Attended the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy

The is my second year to attend the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA.  The new location Kingsmill Resort was delightful and a wonderful place to learn and relax.  Not too far from old town Williamsburg if one wanted to venture to the historic city but unlike the previous location not the one block from old town,...  one had to drive there.  A shuttle was available for $10 round trip and that was nice.  I had a rent car, so exploring was fun in and around the area.
I opted for the full academy 4 day class and a post academy one day class (will post about that class another time).
My full academy class was taught by Sharon Schamber.  Sharon's methods for prepared applique were what I came to learn about and how she masters the crisp clean lines in her pieces.  I picked the perfect class for me and what I wanted to learn.  Sharon is a master at applique and master artist in her work and has won many awards for her quilting.  She dyes the most beautiful fabric and embroidery thread.  Her ability to pass on her skills was so fun to be a part of and if I say I learned a lot that would be such an understatement.  
The method she uses with foundation paper to prepare the pieces were new to me as I have only done traditional needle-turn applique.  I am still getting use to the foundation being left in the pieces and the feel between my fingers and the needle as I sew.  Practice is the key to getting this tactile feel to be "normal".  I am loving learning a new technique  for sure.  I went to learn something different, and this class did not disappoint.
So, this is the block we started to work on...Bower of Splendor
(by Sharon Schamber/2014 All Right Reserved)

and this is how far I got (some leaves pinned on till stems are done)
I did get all the leaves prepared and all the berries prepared too.  I have begun the peacock fabric auditioning process to ensure the color placement is what I want in light/dark etc.  So that is in the works.  

The stems and the process to make them with liquid stitch and pressing is so brilliant and the small size I can get with this method is nothing less than amazing.  This technique I learned was as they say "worth the price of admission".  

Next year....I will return.  I love the Academy.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wonky Stars

The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild is doing a 2014 BOM.  The theme of Stars  will lead the way through the months with the only criteria that it be done in only solids.  I have chosen brown for my background.  I really love brown and am sad that it is not given more attention in the fabric world.  The Robert Kaufman Kona cotton brown is my background and Kona cotton blue and green will be the contrast fun colors.  The January block is wonky stars.  The tutorial on this web site: Wonky Star Tutorial

he fabric world.  I wanted to find a brown rich in color and depth so I chose the Kona Solid brown

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts from the Points

Last post I showed the table runners I completed for gifts.  From those you trim the points from the sides.

Those points were calling to be something.  I could not ignore this plea so I started to sew them together and square up.

I debated on what type of coaster to do...square or another type.  The Heart won.


And that is how I used the points to be Valentine Heart Mug Rugs.  Off they go to the Grands.....
 Mug Rug, hot chocolate, money to spend on something special and a card that said 

Make a cup of chocolate
In your favorite Mug
Place it on Heart Mug Rug
and now feel a BIG HUG!