Thursday, September 4, 2014

UFO Duck Tracks

Looking to reduce, as we all do... OK so I could knock off a few pounds but more than that I need to lighten the UFOs in my sewing studio.  Pulled out a bag from a Christmas party "trade" of many years ago and found in it 20 blocks (none were squared up! in any way shape or fashion) ...

What I know is that I needed to make this quilt 60x80 for what I wanted to use it for and 20 blocks at 6" each does not make it fast or easy to lay out I did the math and the plan:
This needed to be a stash reducer quilt so I pulled all sorts of colors and played around with what I had and it was working well till I got to needing two more blocks of my striped material...piecing began to happen and I can tell you it was close:

First pieced together from scraps
Second block from scrapes...had to trash dive to get some of them

This is what I had left from what I started with...whew, just enough
BUT.. still needed more so dug again and got a solid Pink and white to add to the mix and started to lay it out on design wall...

Needed a few inches on the side so found another pink to add there...It all worked as it was designed. Finished top I like a lot and  is ready to sandwich...

 Why does  my UFO or stash  really not seem any less? I will dive again soon and keep reducing these strays!! All strays need a good home....

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  1. Lovely resolution to getting those blocks into a usable quilt. You are as tenacious as me, eking out what you need from limited yardage but wow, multiple seaming of striped fabric....I salute you!