Monday, September 15, 2014

Running toward Halloween

Yes...word for the year...YES it is cool weather, YES it is finally raining, YES I am thinking Halloween!
The table runner I made was for a  group I attend,  Moda U.  This pattern Melon Slices (it is called several different names) was our pattern of the month.  I knew I needed a table runner so off on the run I went by pulling out any and all pieces that the melon slice would fit.  Cut/Cut...turn under raw edges... set aside.  Took background fabric and cut into 10 1/2" blocks, sewed them together...base done.  Put the melon slices on the background and button hole stitched all round. Border attached. Easy, peasy.  Top Done.  Sandwiched and free motioned on my Baby Lock Tiara.  I felt it just needed some life, so took the book Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween by Liz Aneloski from the shelf and found the bats.  Perfect!  Three bats later and they are attached to the border.  This is the results.
Until next post..YES, bats can be cute!

Happy Halloween

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