Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thresholds Through Our Motorcoach (opps this is a republish?)

We are traveling for several months (left home Aug 1 to return mid December) through the Northeast having gone up the Midwest to Michigan and Wisconsin and New York and Massachusetts and then other places yet defined and home.  The main goal of this trip is to attend the Wool and Sheep Festival in Rhinebeck New York and see a few leaves turn and have some cool fall nights.  The take along on this trip is applique to do after I finished the lobster towels.  I am in the process of making 110 grapes for a Baltimore Album block of a grape vine wreath.  Here is my pics of this using  Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles  and method only not doing the starching as I do not have any with me.  It is like making a hundred yo-yos in miniature.  It is easy but then my travel iron burned up, yes literally started smoking and about to go to flame when I got it unplugged and outside the Motorcoach (fire alarm going off due to the smoke).  So much for making grapes till I buy a new iron.  Have taken out my other applique I brought so will share that later. Oh, I currently have 42 grapes done.