Friday, April 14, 2017

Easy Project Day

Easy project day and a bit of cleanup to get threads off the floor. The vacuum did a great job and the magnetic strip I put on it got the pins before they could get sucked up. The project was to continue the making of quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief for our women's group at church. (Calvary Lutheran, Richland Hills, Texas). Finished two tops today.

Darker colors pulled randomly from a bag. Not having to be mindful of a pattern is OK and just using stash.

Lots of pinks in the materials. Fun to just pull and not have to worry about what goes where. More stash gone to a good cause.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Snowy Day Blocks 6 and 7

The weeks are flying by on this Snowy Day Blocks challenge and I like them a lot. I was not sure I would enjoy the large blocks 16" finished but they have been a nice change from the small pieces of say the Bonnie Hunter mystery that I am still working on. (can't seem to get it done but getting close). The Snowy Day blocks are also working with some fabric I adore so makes it more fun to look at. The link here will give you all the info on this challenge.Link to the Snowy Day Sampler original post

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunny Runner

Easter is around the corner and a new table runner was in the mind. I have the pattern and made a small one for a friend a few years back. It is a fun happy bunny jumping out of the flower pot.  Digging into my stash came up with some great fabrics so it was just hop in and get it it done. Finished!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Snowy Day Blocks 4 and 5

Snowy Day Blocks 4 and 5 of the 9 blocks continue  (info here on the NQC "challenge")

Block 4

Block 5

Backing on the Board

Making a new Easter/Spring table runner (post on the final runner later). We all know the backing is important too, so it is time to get her ironed and ready to lay it down...hold on everyone, the backing is going under the iron today.

Monday, March 27, 2017

May Chappell QuiltCon Color Class

Loved my class at 2017 (Modern Quilt Guild) QuiltCon with May Chappell on color and creating a "color" wheel. Her lecture was fabulous and the joy of learning was great. I learned a lot. The hard part was putting together from all the fabric choices a color wheel. With limited time one just has to go for it and even if there were some doubtful moments I just went for it. After it is all done, I love it, not because it is "perfect" but because it is not perfect. It reminds me that all there is in making things and creating is not about someone else's perfect, but my joyful perfect. It was a really fun project and a great class.
May Chappel  click here for web site. 

Echo quilting is like ripples of color in the variegated rainbow thread
Expressions of Color

Rainbow back. Lots of color here

The binding is fun green with rainbow sugar dots. Love it

right by my iron, I will see it often here

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snowy Day Block 3

On to block three of nine in the NQC weekly block sew along. See my previous post for all the details on this sew along.  Snowy Day Blocks

click here for Pattern

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

UFO Challenge

I am working on my list of UFOs I made to follow along with the monthly

2017 UFO Challenge

This year, we're challenging ourselves and our readers to finish some UFOs (unfinished projects)!   WEBSITE: click for more info on this

My number 12 is a Baltimore Album applique block I started a year ago. Now it is finished and it can reside with other finished blocks. I have to do quite a few more blocks, but this makes me understand why I started them. I love needleturn applique. I really enjoy the process and the way I am so relaxed when doing needleturn.  The small circles were fun and I once again remembered how much I enjoy even the smallest of turns with the needle. I do know how to do circles for applique by preturning with glue to hold them or to make small "yoyos" or to use a foundation paper to turn and glue them on before stitching, but well...I like to just needleturn them the best. I have another block on the UFO list and will share it later.

Monday, March 6, 2017

March Green

March is the month of Irish Whiskey, Shamrocks, Irish Tunes and Everything Green. A few new coasters for the house and a new table runner puts the green on the scene...

Made these with my tried and true easy pattern and I do love how my wine glass slips into the folds. 

Made the table runner by the easy pattern from the internet for the ten minute or some call it the half hour table runner. I can say it took me longer to pick out the material from my stash (1/3 yard clover and 1/2 yard stripe) about 15 minutes to make because I did some hand stitching to tack down the ends.

Bring on the leprechauns and pots of gold!  Happy March 💚

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quiltcon East - My Favorite Quilt

 Quiltcon East found me in Savannah with a quilting friend to enjoy all it had to offer. The above  quilt detail of a nine patch was my favorite quilt and I was drawn to it for the simplicity yet the imagination of the use of nine patch.  The quilting was simple but appropriate in every way to enhance the quilt.  #quiltconeast  #quiltcon2017

I think this quilt fits my word for the year with Expressions of a nine patch that is unexpected.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Snowy Day Quilt Sampler

To break up my other projects that are taking a bit longer, I started to participate in the NQC block challenge of 9 blocks with patterns put out once a week on Thursday. The blocks are large 16.5 so the pieces are not fiddley and go together really fast.

Snowy Day Quilt Sampler:   Instuctions and fabric needed click here
Finished Quilt coloring page

Fabric...  Love the colors and the print fabric is in French                                                            

Block one  Click here to get pattern

Click this to get pattern for Block 2  

I so love the umbrella fabric. The small squares are cute too.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

School Bags in the Making

Donated fabric cut ready to be School Bags for Lutheran World Relief

Thursday, February 2, 2017

En Provence Bonnie Hunter mystery

I am working to get the Bonnie Hunter mystery  En Provence  a put together top.    (Quiltville)
The pattern is now not on the site, but it was a super fun mystery and I like how mine is progressing. I know many have finished and etc, but I learned long ago it is not a race, it is for pleasure and joy. The fabric is all from stash and while scrappy is not my go to, I always love how it works through others great patterns. I am however very happy with the way it is looking.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sewing in The Rectangle.

Looking back on our RV (The Rectangle) trip this year and my plans to quilt, it was not as quick and simple as I had thought. The machine is in a bay under the The Rectangle with all the other sewing items in a rolling tool box. It was much easier to pull our the knitting or the applique that was in The Rectangle. But I did do one project that was not hard and did not take a lot of space or storage. I made for the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (WELCA) some finger labyrinths that will be put into each registration bag for our nation gathering in July 2017.
Find out about the Triennial Gathering-- click here
To see the Lessons Learned Living in a Rectangle -- click here

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mystery Moving Forward

My Expressions this evening is one of "really?"...working on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery and making quarter square triangles like I have done a million times but this time well it seems I cut them backwards then recut them then sewed them on the long end instead of the short side then sewed half down the wrong short side...whew the seam ripper got a work out and my Expressions? Head thumbing for one and disbelief for another. Finally got a few done of the 80 I need but decided to walk away and begin again tomorrow. But I got four patches all done and tri recs done (no pics of those) so I am moving forward

Friday, January 6, 2017

Word of the Year 2017

Last year's word was Behold so Behold I made it through 2016 with a lot of fun, fellowship and travel. (see my My RV travel blog)
Now 2017 has come to move us forward and I can say being ready for a new year has caught me a bit under prepared. I have not thought of a word for the year until the last few days which did not come easy. I looked at how much I beheld last year and the work Behold was fulfilled for sure. So
 good- bye Behold it was fun getting to know you.
Now for the 2017 word: 


Taos Quilts

 Traveling this year in The Rectangle took us to Taos, New Mexico where we had so much fun looking at the fabulous art among other things. The knit shop there was great and I now have a new project for next year's trip. Then there was the Quilt Show at the City Hall. So many wonderful local made quilts. I was intrigued by the Cirque De Cercles using the pieclique technique. Circles danced off the quilt and brought a lot of life to the quilt. 

But alas I did not get a pic of the whole quilt, just a few of the circles. This technique certainly will be in my future.  Then there were the two trucks that made me smile and I love the colors.

I wish I had gotten the names of the quilts and the details, but I was not thinking too well I quess? I loved the whole show. Thanks to all those that put their work in the public place for all to enjoy.

So found this on the internet

BJ Designs and Patterns

BJ Designs & Patterns Papa's Pickup Applique Quilt Pattern

Truck pattern

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lobster Dinner New Year's Eve Favors

It has really been a long road back to the blog. (5 months on the road will do that) Travel put me off on blogging, yet I did do a lot of stitching in The Rectangle (RV name). Here is one of the things I completed while on the road

The kitchen towels for New Year's Eve. Martha Stewart kits I bought at least 4 years ago when then were on sale. So, 16 of them all done by hand embroidery with machine embroidery wording "Crack Open a New Year 2017" and on the back my tag: @sewmdtx
This whiled away a lot of hours as I co piloted The Rectangle (did not work on them when I drove The Rectangle) and evening hours too were kept busy with the project. I love how they came out, so fun.
Our family and friends New Year's Eve dinner (we have lobster and Dom) was really great with a photo corner w/the nifty instant camera pics. OK so all that is old is new again. I so remember my Polaroid from back in the day when they were "new" and this brought back to be "new" again is just as much fun. A few pics from the evening: