Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween Fun Mug Rugs from Quilt Never Finished

I started a mystery quilt many moons ago, many Halloweens ago and stuffed in a bag.  Cleaning out the sewing studio brought the bag into the light from a very dark and not long seen spot.  This mystery gone wrong was just waiting to be "updated" into something....hmmm thought I, what would some of this be?  I started ripping apart the blocks/semi rows and discovered fun mug rugs waiting to be sewn.  I thought each grand would like one and I would find a great Halloween glass/mug to send along.  I did not however want to do binding and that is why I LOVE my Babylock Evolve serger and the beautiful edges it does.  Three thread overlock and wala! no binding needed.

 I like these so much I'm now ripping apart the rest and will make them all up to give to people.  I love when things hiding in the dark jump up and scare up something fun and useful.

Happy Haunting

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tall Tree Quilted

Tall Tree is quilted.  It was fun to quilt with my Viking Diamond machine with decorative snowflake stitch and free motion snowflakes.
finished, I know bad pic..will try to take another soon

decorative snowflake design

measuring to add a line of straight stitch to use as marking for free motion snowflakes

marking line of sewing

free motion snowflakes

Snow continues to fall


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It is coming to be Christmas too soon and this fun paper pieced Tall Trim the Tree pattern will find a place somewhere to bring in joy.  A paper pieced tree class at Quilter's Dream in Colleyville, Texas with my favorite quilter friends makes the work fun to do.
Finished top ready to sandwich.  All materials from my stash, love to use stash.
Layering with the tri wrapped method

The tri wrapped method is using boards to wrap the backing and top and rolling the batting between.  Unwrapping just enough to baste and smoothing to lay nice and flat .  Love this for small quilts.  Have not tired with a full size, but I am sure it would work just need really long boards.

Quilting of the project will be another post...need to finish the basting first.  Soon quilting will begin.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bunting Quilt finds its RV Home

I made the Bunting Quilt for the RV and for the negative space challenge quilt for Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild.  Negative Space Quilt Challenge   This weekend is in Jonestown, Tx for the Swift (a type of bird) and Music Festival.  The quilt/"picnic" cloth is really fun, just what one needs in the RV world.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ripping Quick to get to Plan B

Sometimes things just don't work out like one plans but with Plan B the ripper comes  out and makes quick work of those long seams.  This green floral backing I thought would not be so directional but when seamed together there is slight directional path in the pattern that is more noticeable than I though it would be.  The need to unsew and flip would solve the problem. This is when another of my favorite tools comes into play:

This is the site where you can order this great tool.  (I don't get any compensation or other consideration on this's just one of my tools that make my sewist life easier.)