Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Destashing Goes to LWR and Now On The Road

 Lutheran World Relief gets some more of my stash. Calvary Lutheran Church \Women of the ELCA (Richland Hills. Texas)  have set a goal of 500 quilts and kits for the year to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This will be almost double what we did last year but it is doable.  Here are two I completed before leaving on extended  Motor Coach trip
This is the end of the material used to cover some cushions many moons ago and some really dark green. Check it off the stash list.

I have had these floral fat quarters in my stash for ever. I really don't like to sew with floral so getting to move this on brings me a lot of pleasure. The pattern is a Villa Rosa Design, Cloud Nine. I got the pattern free during a shop hop a few years ago. It was the perfect fit for the floral and muslin I had. This is an easy, fast pattern and all the floral is now going to find a new home and make someone very cozy.

Charity sewing fills out nicely the need to move fabric I know is not in my future. If you have any 10"or10.5" squares of fabric you want to move on let me know, maybe we can help you with that.

Blessings as summer is in full swing and we are on the road for the next few months. I post fun facts about this at  I did bring my machine and a couple of projects, will see how that goes in the Motor Coach (RV). I always bring lots of handwork/applique but the first time for the machine. Hmmm we will see.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Behold, cube laid flat

Looking around to reduce stuff and the cube made so long ago for a challenge is just that, a challenge to do something with it.
Group with challenge and my cube
Seam ripper and a few minutes later it is laid flat. The blocks are quilted so something simple to reuse them is on the agenda. Yep, those nap mats for MQG is always a go to for blocks needing a new purpose. Stash diving for material to get the top done and voila a nap mat top.
Lots of color and just the right size.
Not too exciting however it will b used for good. I love when I can have double the fun with blocks. I also like that there will be a little less stash.
Happy Fourth of July, may you celebrate all we have and hold dear.  I am off to make a peach cobbler to add to our celebration. God Bless America and each of you.