Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BOM May Stars *** for Modern QG

This block was to be circular and I wanted to do just a simple circle of stars.  My finished blocks are 12" so working the math was to get small stars and a simple placement.  I am not one to plan as well as others as I tend to just dive I drug out the formula for flying geese for any size that I had never used...
X = small square  Y = large square
how wide + one inch = X
X + one and one half inch = Y

I know that this is a very tricky method to get accuracy (at least for me...the one who HATES making geese by any method), but I wanted to try a new method to stretch my mind...  so knew this would get me close to what I wanted. I can say it was tricky with all the cutting to get them all exactly right.   The method to use this formula is shown here Geese method

There is also another popular method to make geese any size here:  No waste geese method

Here is my efforts and the results: