Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Finally done.  See blog post for August 25....  These 6x2 rib pattern was easy and boring.  It is what it is, a "vanilla" sock.  Fits OK, not hard to do and fits good.  I thought I would like the coloring of this yarn better and after seeing it in pics the black is not my favorite.  The pooling of the black and in general how it threaded through the socks were not for me that attractive.  All this to say, I will like wearing them as I do love the hand knit that fits my feet well.  It will be in a shoe, so who will really see the things I don't care for.  DONE - OFF THE NEEDLES that is all that really matters.  Now what shall I cast on?

I am going to the Stephen West workshop Saturday, so maybe I will  wait till after that to see what might be.  The workshop is at Madtosh....more on that later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Inspiration should come from inward to be expressed outward and I get that.  To fill the inward I look for people, places and experiences that will jolt me into action.  I have belonged to Quiltsittters at my local quilt shop for gosh a really long time and it seems stale now.  I am going to visit the Modern Quilt guild meeting this week to get new input, new people and who knows maybe new inspiration.  I can't decide if I will join my long time group of Quiltsitters (this is renewal month)?  I am inspired in the modern quilt simplicity lately and have enjoyed the clean lines and simple but not boring lines.  I visited the Contemporary Modern Art Museum this last week that I had not been to for several years and it brought back the joy of color, lines and movement rather than complex, color heavy and complex images.  Clean lines, fresh color and ones self interpretation of what you see inspired me to look around and take some renewing breathes of creativity.  I am on the hunt for different experiences this month to see where I might land.  More later on what it means and where I land.  Taking off now....

Monday, September 3, 2012


I work fulltime and we are having our employee campaign to give to United Way.  I get the joy of working every year with the employee campaign committee and it is the best time of the year in our organization.  It is an honor to work in the community and make differences in lives across the community.  We know in this organization that one never knows when it will be us or someone near us that will need help.  Needing help crosses all socio economic status and we can need help as well as anyone.  It is an honor to work to raise money to fund programs that give aid to many in the community.  The theme is one around the Olympics with groups formed to put together "baskets" to raffle.  The baskets are themed by counties that participated in the Olympics  and I am on the Mexico basket team.  I bought a chiminea to use as our "basket" and fill up with goodies.  We are well on our way to a full and fun "basket" with lots of gift cards to Mexican restaurants, Tequila, Mexican beer, books on Mexico, Mexican food items and ingredients to whip up a fiesta.  I have put in a Mexican cook book and thought I needed to add something to dress it up, so why not an apron with a Mexican touch.  I have a great fabric stash which made it no problem to pull from what I have and a couple of hours later...dada.....APRON.