Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Inspiration should come from inward to be expressed outward and I get that.  To fill the inward I look for people, places and experiences that will jolt me into action.  I have belonged to Quiltsittters at my local quilt shop for gosh a really long time and it seems stale now.  I am going to visit the Modern Quilt guild meeting this week to get new input, new people and who knows maybe new inspiration.  I can't decide if I will join my long time group of Quiltsitters (this is renewal month)?  I am inspired in the modern quilt simplicity lately and have enjoyed the clean lines and simple but not boring lines.  I visited the Contemporary Modern Art Museum this last week that I had not been to for several years and it brought back the joy of color, lines and movement rather than complex, color heavy and complex images.  Clean lines, fresh color and ones self interpretation of what you see inspired me to look around and take some renewing breathes of creativity.  I am on the hunt for different experiences this month to see where I might land.  More later on what it means and where I land.  Taking off now....

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