Friday, April 22, 2016

Finished UFO

Last blog was the Bag It Tag It of a few UFOs to take to the girl's retreat weekend. I always over estimate how much I will get done so the bags yielded only one finished. The opening of the bag is the easy part and then the hard part of remembering what I intended to so with the contents. Had to get my mind wrapped around the vision from over a year ago and what I thought I might have when finished.

 I had seven star blocks from our Modern Quilt Guild block of the month I have blogged about in 2014. I had a crisscross pattern I thought gave a good grid. stars 12.5 unfinished/grid blocks 12.0 unfinished as lay out began it was the coping strips that had to be set in and everything fit somewhere. This is always my favorite part of the process when I have to use math and visual to get a finished product. Fun for sure. After much setting, sewing, not liking, ripping, setting, sewing and finally happy with the look the top is complete. Quilting will be fun as it gives a lot of lines to play with.

looks wavy at top but that is design board waffle. It is 47x60 and will be fun to finish. Now to open the next bag of UFO delight. Hope each of you reading this have a fun and fabulous UFO bag to open.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bag IT Tag IT Ready to Sew

Putting it all in the bag makes an easy pull for those UFOs in my studio. Ok I must confess that this was part of my studio clean up finds. Cleaning the fabric cubes some UFOs were hidden in the back but at least they were with all the fabric and pattern. I can get distracted by another project and they must run and hide from me? Note to UFOs, you can run but you can't hide forever. Here are two I found hiding. Now I know why I saved those zipper bags from the sheets I bought, they are so wonderful with a pocket in the front of the bag to put the pattern and super roomy. These two are going with me this weekend for the girl's quilting retreat weekend. I now have other bags created to put cut ready to sew charity project pillow cases; cut ready to sew Lutheran Worth Relief (LWR) school bags;  LWR cut and ready to sew 10.5" blocks for quilt tops; and who know what else will need a bag.  Organization is a wonderful thing (as we all know) and organized takes less space in the cube... just a little more time to get the organization started and continued. It's a good thing.
This was started for a paint chip

This was selected to use some 12" star BOM