Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mini for Quilt Con

Going to Quilt Con (Modern Quilting Convention) in Nashville in a few weeks and participating in the SWAP of a mini with my assigned partner. I love swaps and always enjoy the thrill of meeting the new person and just getting a mini to put on my wall. I love making a mini for several reasons like getting to finish a piece and not struggle with a lot of quilt under the needle when quilting it. Like using smaller pieces and enjoying the colors in a smaller piece. Like making up what it will look like and challenging myself to do my own thing. The piece is of course "secret" till exchanged but a sneak peek of one of the letters.....
1.5" paper pieced  and there are half square triangles too

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Perfect UFO from UFO "steal exchange"

I participated in the exchange of UFOs in our Midcities Modern Quilt Guild and came home with a lot of blocks that were sown together in all sort of pieces. I "stole" them from someone in our exchange  because I saw a lot of blocks already finished that could make a great Lutheran World Relief Quilt for our quilt group at Calvary Lutheran and I was so right. After putting on the design board it turned out they fit together perfectly to produce the perfect 60x80 size for the LWR quilt.  I look forward to taking it next month and getting it "tied quilted" together and ready for the world somewhere and a person somewhere. It is serendipitous in a good way. Thank you whoever put these in the exchange.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


New Year New Word
I have struggled with a word to bring into the New Year. HOW from last year was nice but how to pick this year's word has not come easy. I feel a bit like Little Red Riding Hood finding the porridge  *some words were too wimpy *some words were to strong *some words were too inactive and *some words I had no feeling about. Looking for the word that is just right so I can  nibble on it all year long brought me to a word I seldom use but maybe it is time to step I have chosen  ABOUND. 

Abound (verb): to exist in abundance 

Like: I abound in love from so many and it makes me abound in gratitude for all I have.  

So off to a new year and a new word.  Best of 2019 to one and all

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Stuffed for Christmas

Christmas sewing was very minimal this year and yet I had fun making a small gift for my great grand daughter.  It was a Moda panel of 4 animal stuffed toys with babies for each. Pig, Cow, Lamb and Chicken. Not a lot of work (stuffing the things is always the most work). So while I did not do a lot of sewing or knitting this year, Christmas was wonderful for our whole family. Merry Christmas 

Friday, December 14, 2018