Sunday, January 14, 2018

GGDtr Now has a Christmas Stocking

Starting the year off by finishing a Christmas Stocking for Chloe the newest addition to our family. Our Great Grand Daughter made her way into our lives on December 20. Her stocking will now hang to welcome Christmas into our home.
It takes longer than I remember to put all the beads and embroidery and then cut and then applique the pieces on the stocking.

It is worth the time as it is cute and will be a great addition to all the others next year. 

Chloe, dear sweet girl, welcome to our family. Happy parents, happy baby.
ok, so enough with the camera already, let me sleep

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Where did 2017 go? Blogging when one gets out of the habit can easily just keep sliding, so that is my excuse.
I did on my needles have two quilts, several pillow cases, 30 backpacks for Lutheran World Relief,  two applique blocks,  one knitted cowl, 5 knitted hats, 4 pairs of fingerless gloves, and 6 draw string gift bags. I would love to say I had pics of these things but the hats and fingerless glove were Christmas gifts that did not get pictured. I think my 2018 resolution should be to remember to take pictures.At least the gift bags got a pic...
2017 was a year of RV travel from July through November covereing the Northwest US and wine country in British Columbia. I do have pics of this so will share later on posts. It was a trip to renew the stock of our wine racks which led to a small redo of our under stairs closet into a wine closet and there will be pics of that in another post also.

2017 also saw the December birth of our first great grand daughter so pics of her will be another post. 

2018 started with our annual New Year's eve party so pics (there are not many) will be another post.
Then there is the word for 2018.....lets see....maybe....but then there it....HOW

How can I...
How is it that....
How many....
How about this....
How do we....
How do I....
How about we...

Till next post How about we all have a great start to our 2018!!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Making Patriotic Coaters (easy peezy)

Getting in the mood to celebrate in July the great country I get to call home. Red White and Blue needs to be visible and I need some new coasters and I need some for a couple of hostess gifts. These easy to make coasters are my go to for a lot of holidays to give as thanks you, hostess or thinking of you gifts. Here is a quick how I do these...
I make mine cut 5 inch finish 4.5 inch.
*You will need to cut batting and material squares all 5 inches. Each coaster will take
1 batting square and 4 fabric squares. Your choice of materials and combinations are infinity and can be whatever you want.
1  - 5 inch square will be one side of coaster
1  - 5inch square will be the inside for the folded stemmed wine glass holder
2  - 5 inch squares will be for the folded inserts to create the stemmed wine glass holder
I used plaid for the inside of the folded stemmed wine glass holder and stars for the side without inserts 

* Make a sandwich       Materials will be put on batting with wrong side to  the batting; right side of materials facing out.

*Fold and press two of the 5" squares with wrong sides together

*Put folded pieces onto the side that will be the finished side without the inserts of your coaster with wrong sides matching; folded sides together.
folded pieces on top of square that will be the side without the inserts of coaster

*Sew 1/4" around all sides
1/4" seam on all sides

*Make sure bottom square as you are sewing stays flat...
What not to do!

*Clip corners
Corners clipped

*Now turn and you are DONE
Insert for stemmed wine glass side
"bottom" or to use when not wanting to insert stemmed wine glass

*press and enjoy...

I keep some ready to gift or use... they come in very handy for a quick hostess gift with 2 or 4 tied nicely together with ribbon and tag.

Thanks for being here!  Enjoy YOUR summer sewing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Flowers on My Walk

Have not done quilting lately as travel has been taking a lot of time. RV Rallies in Louisana and several in Texas have kept us on the road. A lot of fun for sure. So upon returning home it was out to walk in the neighborhood to get those miles logged. It is spring and flowers are showing up in the yards.  Pics of just nice walking views.

OK not a flower but all the man holes have been painted blue??

This too not a flower but...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Expressions of Bandanas

It seems bandanas have been expressions of all sorts of things in this world: cowboys, workers with overalls, dog collars, gangs, placemats, sew together for all sorts of things. The nice thing about them is they are cheap, colorful and easy to sew...the not so good, they are not all the exact same size. In the bags of material I was gifted were a lot of these, enough to sew 3 #lwrquilts .
3 across 4 down makes the 60x80

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Snowy Days Final 2 Blocks 8 and 9

It is done, well at least the blocks are done for the NQC  this link will give info on all the blocks I will now begin to think about the final size I need for this quilt and if more blocks are needed or if sashing and borders will make it grow enough. I definitely had fun with these blocks.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easy Project Day

Easy project day and a bit of cleanup to get threads off the floor. The vacuum did a great job and the magnetic strip I put on it got the pins before they could get sucked up. The project was to continue the making of quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief for our women's group at church. (Calvary Lutheran, Richland Hills, Texas). Finished two tops today.

Darker colors pulled randomly from a bag. Not having to be mindful of a pattern is OK and just using stash.

Lots of pinks in the materials. Fun to just pull and not have to worry about what goes where. More stash gone to a good cause.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Snowy Day Blocks 6 and 7

The weeks are flying by on this Snowy Day Blocks challenge and I like them a lot. I was not sure I would enjoy the large blocks 16" finished but they have been a nice change from the small pieces of say the Bonnie Hunter mystery that I am still working on. (can't seem to get it done but getting close). The Snowy Day blocks are also working with some fabric I adore so makes it more fun to look at. The link here will give you all the info on this challenge.Link to the Snowy Day Sampler original post

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunny Runner

Easter is around the corner and a new table runner was in the mind. I have the pattern and made a small one for a friend a few years back. It is a fun happy bunny jumping out of the flower pot.  Digging into my stash came up with some great fabrics so it was just hop in and get it it done. Finished!