Friday, April 20, 2018

HOW nice is nature

Taking a break and found this lovely plant in my driveway as I was walking to The Rectangle to get ready for our trip a few weeks ago. It is a lovely white/green shade and delicate. A weed I guess but too beautiful to be left unnoticed.
HOW wonderful nature is with color, form and beauty.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Coasters in Spring Colors

It is Spring with the birds singing, the rain coming and eye opening color showing up to take away the quiet of winter. New coasters are needed (the old Spring coasters have been washed too may times and seem faded and not so quite bright).
I won in a raffle just the right look for my Spring coasters and it would take another something out of my stash and into the world.

My go to pattern is here

How I love to use my stash.
Now it will be brighter under my glass...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How Cute are Scrappy Spools

The Scrappy Spools got set and border and presented at Modern Quilt Guild 

It is a fun piece and nice to use all those selvages into a quilt and out of the scrape bag.  Fun. #fwmqg2018qal   #fwmqgshowandshare

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Scrappy Spools

A work in progress, a challenge in my Modern Quilt Guild to do scrappy spool quilt, a nice pattern
placement not so sure of...
I love my use of the selvedges saved over a lot of quilts, it does bring back memories of quilts past and materials used. Working on layout, not liking the ones that are turned...seems like the selvedge is sort of lost since one cannot "read" them.
Back to the design board to play......

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How I Recycle an Old Quilt Project

Back in 2006  I took a class on quilt as you go technique based on the Cotton Quilt Theory method of quilt as you go (several books on this). I completed the small top and really did not like the technique or the heavy thick product the top was so I put in in a closet and there it has been. Now I am working to empty those type of UFOs and this one measured (if cut in half) perfect size of two Nap Mats for Safe Haven that my Modern Quilt Guild supports. All they needed was binding and that too I was able to take from the binding basket of left overs from other projects. WhooHoo all things that can leave my studio and do good for someone else.

This is the quilt and it is reversible so it is blue on the other side. It actually looks better than I remembered
The top cut in half is now two Nap Mats bound and ready for little ones to enjoy. I like that is is a good boy Nap Mat with the Texas Rangers baseball material.