Monday, June 3, 2019


See there is this peach tree that came up on our property from we know now where. It has been growing and we have not paid much attention to it. Then this year it has produced lovely peaches. A lot of peaches it seems to us. We picked the first one and one bite told us this was a good peach tree. Now there is on our property others who also like these peaches, one in particular....

 That squirrel is a peach eater....seems he even smiles as he eats in front of us.  Well, a squirrel has to have fruit too I guess.

We are not being deprived by the squirrel and we are happy to share with our fuzzy tail friend.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Something from the Scrap Basket

 What do you do with 100 2.25" refrigerator magnets you salvaged from being thrown away because they were for a handout for a convention a few years ago and the organization is cleaning our old stuff?  YOU TAKE THEM FOR YOUR STASH.....
Now several years later when your guild is thinking of things to sell in their booth at a quilt show, hmmm you remember those magnets...
You start off with digging in your scrap baskets and find what left overs you have

 The more you dig the more you find and not even sure what it was left over from but it is nice
 The parts join together and the next thing you have is this
 A bit of trimming and then you have this. 
This is a finished square that is a quilt sandwich of left over stuff, craft felt and a backing/ quilted together and cut with pinking shears. the craft felt (fake batting) is nice because it hold so well and does not flake or shed.
The finished mini blocks are then hot glued onto the salvaged magnets ready for sale (if they are chosen for the booth) at our guild booth later this summer. 100 "free" items could give back dollars to be used by our guild.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Flamingo is Abound with Pink

 I dso enjoyed a wonderful weekend of sewing with my peeps in March and I started a fun Flamingo quilt. I think I know where this might end up but no matter it was a super fun quilt see come to life. 
 This was a free pattern done in 2.5" squares. It is a large quilt but the flamingo is spectacular and makes me smile. I love the material choice and remember when I found it. I found the pattern and one day as we were traveling went to a quilt shop is Boise, Idaho (Quilt Expressions) and saw the flamingo fabric and it screamed BUY ME...perfect. I bought the amount the pattern called for plus a yard. I am glad I bought the extra and since this purchase was 2 yrs ago I know I will never see this again anytime soon. I love Moda Grunge and the pick was just the right thing for the Flamingo with its shading of pink hews. I would make this pattern again if the occasion ever calls  for a great flamingo.

Getting the head together.

Fun top finish..well still need the eye appliqued on and to get it quilted.

Fun Flamingo Quilt
©2017 Flamingo Toes Designs - Pattern is for personal use only. Do not sell or distribute pattern.  
Fabric: Timeless Treasures FAbric of SOHO, LLC  Fun-C5473 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Round Robin Quilt June Reveal Party

Earlier in  2018 the group of wonderful women I quilt with decided to do a round robin quilt.We each did our center square and handed it off to the first person. There are 7 of us but we have taken several months off during the 2018 and this has stretched into 2019. We will in June 2019 have the reveal party with the finished quilt tops. I am very excited to see mine and have had so much fun working on the ones from all the fabulous friends.

This is the block I did for the center of my quilt. I loved the paper pieced heart and the rainbow colors of the flying geese. I thought the colors gav  a lot of options for those to add borders. I am excited for June to get here and being able to see all the finished quilts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A in a MIni

This is a letter from the mini I will be trading with my partner at QuiltCon 2019 in Nashville, Tenn. next week. I am always excited about QuiltCon and this year is no exception. I love the energy and the creativity that surround and permeates the event. Oh then there are the vendors, like who does not love shopping for all the "stuff". I have a class on embroidery with a feather motif that I think will re hone some of my embroidery skills that I have not used in forever. Embroidery was one of the first needle art I learned from my Grandmother and Mother. I have done a lot including crewel when it was popular. Stitches on my needle have come in many forms and I guess I just love the hand and mind sync of the whole thing. Like reading, when I have stitches on my needle I am relaxed and in my happy place even when that needle is attached to a machine.
Anyway, this mini is a repeat of one I made a few years ago that I have always enjoyed, simple but always a reminder of why I do what I do with Stitches on my Needle...reveal later.
QuiltCon 2019 you are in my future...whoohoo.