Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer is On The Way

I was thinking of how the spring turns into summer and flowers bring such joy in the time we renew and find beauty in all the colors.  Lavender plants from a trip to Washington State lifts by spirit and reminds me the beauty of flowers can be renewing and they can leave behind the remembrance of that beauty to carry us thorough winter.  Lavender oil brings the senses back to the time when the plants were in the fullness of the beauty, but then leaves for us all the remembrance that all the beauty never leaves as it manifests itself in all new and different forms.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Small Bag for Little Girl

A friend wanted a bag for a young girl in her church to carry colors and coloring book with other items to keep busy during church services.  This was a simple bag with the initial on the front pocket.  This type of quick project is always fun for me and I'm always surprised at how those who cannot sew believe this is impressive.  A great girl fabric and a couple of hours.  Fun and fabulous!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love to make things for my adopted class at MG Ellis Early Learning School.  They are bright and happy 4 yr. olds who are my pen pals.  With school only having a few days left, I wanted to give them something that would encourage them to read over the summer.  I made pillowcases for each student and sent three books about going to bed.  The letter I sent told them how I like to read before I go to bed and I hope they read everyday in the summer and maybe before they to bed and other times.

I use the pattern for the "hot dog" method and after doing enough by that method it goes fast....if I could only find someway to speed up the cutting.  Cutting is the slowest part of this whole sew, flip, sew, flip process.
  Hot Dog Case pattern

I love the end results and the best part is I only used material from by stash. OK I have a big stash!  I look at my stash now and it looks like not a dent was made in it.

My next venture is to make pillow cases for the Million Pillowcase challenge.
  Million Pillowcases Challenge   Join in and find how you can help.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girl's Weekend Cooked Up

Two classes, much fun and I love all there is about the women of this family.  When I think of all that I have been blessed with and I can say it is tons, nothing compares to the blessing of the family I received from God.  I am so proud, in awe and amazed at the Godly women this family has.  Thanks Lynn, Meg and Aurora for your love as a wife, mother and dtr/dtr-in-laws.  Now the pics of the food and fun we had this year.  Girl's Weekend 2012
Fruit Tart from Sur La Table class

Chef Stephen Ortiz

Pastry going in for crepes

Cooking steak
Apple and Goat Cheese canape


Cooking onions for canapes

Sur la Table peach crumble top tart