Sunday, May 20, 2012


I love to make things for my adopted class at MG Ellis Early Learning School.  They are bright and happy 4 yr. olds who are my pen pals.  With school only having a few days left, I wanted to give them something that would encourage them to read over the summer.  I made pillowcases for each student and sent three books about going to bed.  The letter I sent told them how I like to read before I go to bed and I hope they read everyday in the summer and maybe before they to bed and other times.

I use the pattern for the "hot dog" method and after doing enough by that method it goes fast....if I could only find someway to speed up the cutting.  Cutting is the slowest part of this whole sew, flip, sew, flip process.
  Hot Dog Case pattern

I love the end results and the best part is I only used material from by stash. OK I have a big stash!  I look at my stash now and it looks like not a dent was made in it.

My next venture is to make pillow cases for the Million Pillowcase challenge.
  Million Pillowcases Challenge   Join in and find how you can help.

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