Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween Pillows

 The beginning of Fall and loving the weather here; cool, dry and just right for sitting on the patio or daydreaming out a window in my sewing studio.  I will not be at home after the 15th of October for a couple of months...RVing time.  So the Halloween table runner made me think of pillows for the den now and then they can dress up the RV!    (The pattern is a free one from -  Project: Happy Haunts; Designer: Sue Marsh of Whistlepig Creek Productions (WPCREEK.COM))
I of course modified from the actual pillow as I had a round pillow form I wanted to use and a lot of stuffing needing to be used for a square pillow.

The square pillow ...EeK    I did not want to do the double border or bind (as pattern called for).  Did a 4 inch folded over border put batting between the folds and sewed, leaving a hole to turn.  Sewed in the ditch around the border to make a "flange" and quilted it free motion in witches hats.  Left an opening so I could stuff.  Stuffed then finished the quilt in the ditch and hand sewed the closing at the top of the border.  Completed the free motion for that portion of the border AND it was a pillow.  So much easier than the pattern or at least it went very fast!

The Bat Pillow was the same in that it was square and I had a round oblong form I wanted to use.  Turned it into a  tube by adding to each end a folded over border to get rid of raw ends and sewed into a tube, turned tube, inserted pillow form and tied the ends.  It turned out great and used a pillow form that has been hanging with me since the 70s when it came home with me from a spa week I was gifted at that time.  Some things are just good basics and it has been covered a million different ways with a million different fabrics. 

Cute, simple quick projects make a Fall day perfect.  (note: made a second bat pillow and stuffed it with pieces of batting I had stuck around in cubby holes in the sewing studio.  I love getting use out of stuff I save that others might toss.

Next project...small treat bags.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Running toward Halloween

Yes...word for the year...YES it is cool weather, YES it is finally raining, YES I am thinking Halloween!
The table runner I made was for a  group I attend,  Moda U.  This pattern Melon Slices (it is called several different names) was our pattern of the month.  I knew I needed a table runner so off on the run I went by pulling out any and all pieces that the melon slice would fit.  Cut/Cut...turn under raw edges... set aside.  Took background fabric and cut into 10 1/2" blocks, sewed them together...base done.  Put the melon slices on the background and button hole stitched all round. Border attached. Easy, peasy.  Top Done.  Sandwiched and free motioned on my Baby Lock Tiara.  I felt it just needed some life, so took the book Simple Fabric Folding for Halloween by Liz Aneloski from the shelf and found the bats.  Perfect!  Three bats later and they are attached to the border.  This is the results.
Until next post..YES, bats can be cute!

Happy Halloween

Thursday, September 4, 2014

UFO Duck Tracks

Looking to reduce, as we all do... OK so I could knock off a few pounds but more than that I need to lighten the UFOs in my sewing studio.  Pulled out a bag from a Christmas party "trade" of many years ago and found in it 20 blocks (none were squared up! in any way shape or fashion) ...

What I know is that I needed to make this quilt 60x80 for what I wanted to use it for and 20 blocks at 6" each does not make it fast or easy to lay out I did the math and the plan:
This needed to be a stash reducer quilt so I pulled all sorts of colors and played around with what I had and it was working well till I got to needing two more blocks of my striped material...piecing began to happen and I can tell you it was close:

First pieced together from scraps
Second block from scrapes...had to trash dive to get some of them

This is what I had left from what I started with...whew, just enough
BUT.. still needed more so dug again and got a solid Pink and white to add to the mix and started to lay it out on design wall...

Needed a few inches on the side so found another pink to add there...It all worked as it was designed. Finished top I like a lot and  is ready to sandwich...

 Why does  my UFO or stash  really not seem any less? I will dive again soon and keep reducing these strays!! All strays need a good home....