Monday, July 4, 2016

Behold, cube laid flat

Looking around to reduce stuff and the cube made so long ago for a challenge is just that, a challenge to do something with it.
Group with challenge and my cube
Seam ripper and a few minutes later it is laid flat. The blocks are quilted so something simple to reuse them is on the agenda. Yep, those nap mats for MQG is always a go to for blocks needing a new purpose. Stash diving for material to get the top done and voila a nap mat top.
Lots of color and just the right size.
Not too exciting however it will b used for good. I love when I can have double the fun with blocks. I also like that there will be a little less stash.
Happy Fourth of July, may you celebrate all we have and hold dear.  I am off to make a peach cobbler to add to our celebration. God Bless America and each of you.

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