Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Special Gift for Surprise Friend

Participating in a secret gift exchange on the internet...and I finished the gift that will be stuffed with goodies and then be ready to send to Canada where my secret gift person lives.  I am excited about sending and excited about what I will receive.  The button is an earring from days past that had lost the back and I drilled two holes to create the button...I really like it.  The filler to give weight called for rice, but I don't like rice as it can get bugs and I did not want to ship "food" outside US.  So as I was driving today saw Petco and thought maybe there would be fish tank gravel that would be good. But to my surprise the person at the store asked what I was wanting , I explained it was for a pin cushion and he led me to crushed walnut cat litter...a hugh bag for $8.00...it is perfect and so much cheaper than bags of crushed walnuts I have bought at quilting stores AND it is 100% walnuts nothing added.  I can see another of these in my future as now I want one for ME!


  1. What a wonderful gift - your partner is sure to love this! Great tip about Petco - thank you for sharing!

  2. that is a wonderful gift -- I don't live in Canada but wouldn't mind seeing this come my way. Great tip on the cat litter BTW.

  3. Have been looking for this pattern, tons of pictures online but no pattern so far. Would you please share your pattern with us?

    1. the pattern is from the Sew,Mama,Sew blog.
      www.sewmamasew.com sewing tutorials gifts.
      I did make some adjustments with length of pocket that hangs down (made longer) and adjusted a few other places but used the basic pattern.

  4. I made the same thing for my person too! Well, different fabrics, of course :-) Crushed walnuts (often sold as bird cage litter) is great because it sharpens your needles too - I use it for all my pin cushion projects.

  5. brilliant make and a great idea for filler