Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wonky Stars

The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild is doing a 2014 BOM.  The theme of Stars  will lead the way through the months with the only criteria that it be done in only solids.  I have chosen brown for my background.  I really love brown and am sad that it is not given more attention in the fabric world.  The Robert Kaufman Kona cotton brown is my background and Kona cotton blue and green will be the contrast fun colors.  The January block is wonky stars.  The tutorial on this web site: Wonky Star Tutorial

he fabric world.  I wanted to find a brown rich in color and depth so I chose the Kona Solid brown

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts from the Points

Last post I showed the table runners I completed for gifts.  From those you trim the points from the sides.

Those points were calling to be something.  I could not ignore this plea so I started to sew them together and square up.

I debated on what type of coaster to do...square or another type.  The Heart won.


And that is how I used the points to be Valentine Heart Mug Rugs.  Off they go to the Grands.....
 Mug Rug, hot chocolate, money to spend on something special and a card that said 

Make a cup of chocolate
In your favorite Mug
Place it on Heart Mug Rug
and now feel a BIG HUG!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Yes... It is Valentines Table Runners

My Christmas table runner (I have a post on that) was fun to make (a pattern from The Pattern Basket called Slice of Cake Table Runner)   For that one I used a layer cake as the pattern called for.  My brain came up to Valentines and I took out all of my stash that would make a good runner.  I had so much of course that I had used for other projects and from last year when I made pillow chases for all the grands.  The pattern calls for 1.5 inch strips from 10" down to 4.5".  I started cutting from the stash.
Strips set up to sew together by block
Stash ready to cu
A block laid out ready to sew
Block sewn and ready to cut to size
Laid out

Ready to trim and then trimmed.  Will post later what the trimmed points became.

All of the 4 are done.  It is time to get them mailed to the Valentines.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY