Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Applique on the Road

It has been so long since I paid attention to the blog, oh my.  Traveling in The Rectangle has taken my focus off the internet and on visiting places new to us.  I have, however, been working on applique that has been in my bag of applique for two years.

 The grapes from the last post are ready to go so I started working on the grape leaves. These were fiddly so decided to do the Sharon Schamber stabilizer method of tuning with glue down and am happy I did as they would have not gone so fast if just needle turning.  Sharon's Secret Foundation link
15 cut and ready to turn onto the stabilizer
 Got them all turned and pinned onto the wreath. Have to say I like them.

I am using the embroidery method to secure just to give some play to the leaves.  This is not as easy or quick as I had thought with the small ins and outs of the leaves but pushing forward gets me to where the end will come and they will be done.  It is still quicker than needle turn yet the glue down of the edges took a lot of patience and time and wine.  The end result is so worth the effort but at the time I wondered if the glue down would ever end.

The leaves are all secured and the veins completed on each. 

The wreath looks fab and I am happy with the results.  Grapes are next and I am starting to experiment with placement. 


  1. It's hard for me to believe this method is easier or quicker than needleturn. I've not tried Sharon's specific method but have tried several different recommended methods for this approach. Found all fiddlie, sometimes messy, and more time in prep than I cared for. Elly Sienkiewicz's various methods for needleturn coupled with a quite different method learned from Jeana Kimball convinced me I didn't need to bother with those other methods. They allow me to zoom fairly quickly into stitching mode. Now if I was appliqueing them down by machine, that would be another matter! To each her own, which is why there are so many different ways to approach our craft. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. I am in total agreement with you (it is certainly not quicker) and I do prefer needle turn but with doing this as I am traveling in the passenger seat of The Rectangle needle turn becomes very challenging on small pieces with the bumps etc. thus I chose this to keep me stitching. It is so fiddlie to glue all those nooks and crannies for sure. I agree needle turn is my go to and yet knowing the other methods helps along the way. thanks for your great comment. I did finally get the process of the gluing to a neat process after a lot of not so neat hehe

  2. Ah - I forgot about the terrain you are traveling in and thought you were doing this prep when you weren't moving along. It is so true that one does get a rhythm and gets better at a repetitive task like the tuning and gluing when having to do many in succession. Yes, it was those nooks and crannies of the leaves that had me thinking, no way would I try that method on those!

    I must admit that I do my needleturn stationary, although I did try a bit on a long train trip. I had a lower roomette so was getting the full vibration and bumps over some rough stretches, but I stubbornly persevered! :-)