Friday, January 6, 2017

Taos Quilts

 Traveling this year in The Rectangle took us to Taos, New Mexico where we had so much fun looking at the fabulous art among other things. The knit shop there was great and I now have a new project for next year's trip. Then there was the Quilt Show at the City Hall. So many wonderful local made quilts. I was intrigued by the Cirque De Cercles using the pieclique technique. Circles danced off the quilt and brought a lot of life to the quilt. 

But alas I did not get a pic of the whole quilt, just a few of the circles. This technique certainly will be in my future.  Then there were the two trucks that made me smile and I love the colors.

I wish I had gotten the names of the quilts and the details, but I was not thinking too well I quess? I loved the whole show. Thanks to all those that put their work in the public place for all to enjoy.

So found this on the internet

BJ Designs and Patterns

BJ Designs & Patterns Papa's Pickup Applique Quilt Pattern

Truck pattern

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