Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sailing into Slumber the Baby Way

Baby boy quilt for a coworker led me into uncharted waters.  The mother told me it was a nautical theme baby suite.  I begin to stash dive and found in the treasure trove of material a fun light houses and sail boat material in blue with border of boats at the bottom.  I knew it was the beginning of the journey across waters unknown.  I then dived into my pattern trove and lo and behold there was a sailboat paper piece pattern from who knows when-- let alone for what.  It was perfect.  I wanted a dream like state of the boat as if when falling into slumber one could imagine great adventures into the world.  The cloud like background I chose let the boat "float" as if ready to sail away in ones imagination.  It all seemed to work and the baby room was also going to be blue and brown, so the border was a no brainer with brown tying in the colors.  This quilt turned out so much better than I had even imagined and it was exactly a little boys entry into dreams of the high seas.  The mother and dad loved it and those at the baby shower were excited about seeing another of my quilts.  I love the freedom quilting gives in creating something unique and useful.  I can only hope this quilt will be loved to shreds.

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