Sunday, October 16, 2011

Socks Off The Needles

The joy of knitting socks is to finish them and wear them.  These meet all the usual great things about hand knit socks -- They fit perfect.  The whole reason I decided  to even to learn to knit was to make socks.  I have small feet and bought socks just do not fit well.  The toes are too long or the heel does not hit the heel and creeps up the leg.  One day I called a local knit shop and asked for sock lessons.  I had learned to knit off he internet, so I could knit and purl and understood tension issues and had a good hand at knit and purl.  The woman indicated it would take several lessons and over 6 weeks to complete the next class sessions.  I thought not and said I wanted private lessons and hour a day for the next 5 days to learn to knit socks. She was not open at first, but I prevailed with my promise to not hold her accountable if I failed at learning to knit socks that quickly.  She reminded me I would have to knit a lot at home each evening to complete the sections.  I was so excited and showed up the next day.  I purchased, double pointed needles, sock yarn and paid for the class and got my pattern.  We were off and running.  I took to the double points like a duck to water and it loved it.  Got the ribbing done and returned the next day.  Got the leg done (oh my I knitted all night!) and returned the next day.  Got the heel turned and started the gusset and returned the next day (oh my I knitted all night!) and returned the next day.  Got the foot started/decreased for the toes (oh my I knitted all night!) and returned the next day.  Got the kitchner stitches done...5 days and one sock done!  I left with confidence and a new passion for knitting socks.  Those first pair are still in service and many pairs later I am happy to report I still love the pleasure of sock knitting.   Thus the latest pair shown here.  I highly recommend knitting overall and sock knitting for sure.

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