Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Quilts Fun and Fast

Baby quilts are fun to make and boy quilts make use of those colors that speak soft but tough.  The left over squares are perfect for the accessories....blocks, pillows, toys.  This set is for a friend having a grandchild.  Grand mothers need things for their home too and I love to make a quilt they can throw on the floor and enjoy play time with that special grand.  This pattern is the Magic 9 Patch from Quilters Dream quilt shop in Colleyville, Texas.  See side bar for the link.  I love this pattern as it goes so fast and any colors work like they were made for each other.  The block and pillow pattern are those I just know from memory and can't even remember when I learned to make them.  I know my Mom taught me to make blocks and making pillows, well it is just four seams and stuffing.
Today two of my quilting friends and I are going for Girls Night Out in Granbury, Texas shopping and dinner.  I love these fun girl times as they are filled with laughter.  Everyone should  have good laughter in their find your laughter today.

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