Sunday, June 17, 2012


I LOVED MY FATHER SO MUCH.  I was most certainly a daddy's girl.  He was a man who took seriously taking care of his wife and kids and never once made it seem like it was too much or anything but pure joy to do.  My father Max Charles Fisher was a self made man.  He was an engineer for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and he did not graduated college.  He loved sailing, tinkering with electronics.  He really loved sailing and his Snipe and Lighting sailboats were at the Lake Worth Sailing Club where he enjoyed his passion for sailing.  We were best pals and did so much together like hunting for resisters to use in his electronic tinkering.  He taught me to read the codes and dig in the bins to get the ones he needed for his projects.  He taught me morris code, how to sail, how to use a slide rule, how to drive, how to read graphs, how to love math/algebra, how to never say I can't do that because I was  girl, how to love, how to listen and make critical decisions, and live life to never look back and wonder...should I have?  My dad is always in my heart.  Gosh even after 45 years that he has been gone I still hear his voice and feel his hugs.  My dad ---- not enough words......Thank you God for  letting me be his daughter.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Quilts Fun and Fast

Baby quilts are fun to make and boy quilts make use of those colors that speak soft but tough.  The left over squares are perfect for the accessories....blocks, pillows, toys.  This set is for a friend having a grandchild.  Grand mothers need things for their home too and I love to make a quilt they can throw on the floor and enjoy play time with that special grand.  This pattern is the Magic 9 Patch from Quilters Dream quilt shop in Colleyville, Texas.  See side bar for the link.  I love this pattern as it goes so fast and any colors work like they were made for each other.  The block and pillow pattern are those I just know from memory and can't even remember when I learned to make them.  I know my Mom taught me to make blocks and making pillows, well it is just four seams and stuffing.
Today two of my quilting friends and I are going for Girls Night Out in Granbury, Texas shopping and dinner.  I love these fun girl times as they are filled with laughter.  Everyone should  have good laughter in their find your laughter today.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Knit Hats -- A Quick Gift and Fun to Knit

I think knitting hats are really the ultimate "instant" gratification.  Not "instant" in that they do not take time and they do not just knit up as fast as one ever imagines, but they do knit quickly and take not so much yarn and can use up those left overs that sit waiting to be appreciated.  My latest is a pattern bought on Ravelry.  Two -Way Beanie by Faina Goberstein.  I like its contemporary look and ease of pattern, while being no so fussy.  I really enjoyed this knit and will put another in my que for the right "left over" yarn.