Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Street Coming Together

I am feeling  better as I get comfortable with the wild look.    Jungle Street will be OK.  
I have all the pieces together and it is started to take it's shape ... BUT  I have to say it is more like Jungle Street or Hot Mess Street.  My choice of "background" black and white is busy busy and takes the pattern out of the spotlight.  It is not what one sees in the one Bonnie Hunter did, but hey, it is...
This is planned to be 4x4 but that may just be too large, I may do smaller and add some borders or maybe?  It goes to together so easily and all the parts set in well.
Hmmm, very busy
Hmmm  not sure 

 Jungle Street coming together.
Clink here to see all the fun :


  1. It'll be more than OK. :) This is going to look FUN!!

    1. Thanks LynCC I am really getting used to it's "wild" look!

  2. Hi Mary. I see you are following my blog and I had to check you out, see what you are up to. I just posted some pics of the Mystery Quilt I'm working on and had to laugh to see you too are working on a Mystery Quilt. Yours much more complex and interesting than mine. I bet you are wishing you had more of a clue before diving in, but that's what this exercise is all about - blind faith! You've got a good color scheme going there. I think it will work out and there's always the quilting that can pull it all together. Persevere!

  3. I kind of like your version. Your neutrals just seems to be a little darker but it looks great.

  4. The single blocks do look busy, but when more of them are together, the quilt is gorgeous! Have faith - it will look better and better the more blocks you add.