Saturday, October 12, 2013

Enter: Retirement

ENTER my word for 2013 and my how 2013 has flown by.  So now I ENTER Retirement on Oct 31...RETIRE reminds me that it's time to put away the old tires and put on new ones that will take me on travels other than work at an office and people needing decisions and work clothes and only weekends for my time....this is a time MENT for entering a new time with new travels, new work, new people, new clothes and weekends anytime.  WOW  So what do I do?  look for a new sewing machine to enter retirement with me.  Now understand I have really great machines now...2 Viking top of the line, Babylock serger top of the line, a featherweight, a treadle, and a couple of other vintage, so need is not so much as a want.  But to my surprise as I went to look at a Babylock  and a Bernina that I thought might be in the running, enter Debbie (salesperson) who says, that's not really what you want, you need a straight stitch heavy duty only machine?  HUH?  then she showed me the

Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

Who knew that is exactly what I was missing in my sewing machine arsenal.  Not a $3000 or so machine but a $700 or so machine.  It sews straight, does beautiful free motion (no it does not have a regulator like the Bernina or the magic laser pin like the Babylock) but really I have been doing freemotion for a while and I can live without stitch regulator for now and the magic laser is just another gadget in reality.  This Brother was really designed to be used in a frame to do free motion and is set up with the under side bobbin that if set in a frame would be in the front and the needle threads from side and once again if set in a frame would be front to back.  And the stitch is so beautiful and the machine feels sturdy, firm, smooth and really quiet. 
Who knew a machine that does one thing well would be the one.  

Lesson: Enter is not always through the door one thinks one will enter...ENTER RETIREMENT


  1. let me know how it does in a few months, i am so fed up with my janome that is plastic i may be looking for another.

  2. Love your new machine!!!!!