Sunday, October 27, 2013

Enter: Babylock Tiara

Here's the deal.  My last post said I was getting the Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine
and the organization I am retiring from was giving me a cash gift to purchase that special retirement gift.  So, Enter husband to go and look and purchase the machine I had told him was on my list. Enter Debbie the salesperson.  Husband tells her he was there to get the machine and wanted to see it.  He sees it and was not sure that was really what he thought I should have.  Enter Babylock Tiara mid arm quilter sitting right next to the Brother....

He asks Debbie, "What is this?"  Debbie explains she had just returned from Babylock Convention and this was the mid arm free motion quilting machine.  Husband indicates this seems more like what he had envisioned, not the other machine..."This Babylock seems like it will take my wife to a new place and the other one is where she already is."  He quickly figures what he would chip in and buys the Tiara...Really?  Yes, really.  So all this time I did not think my husband paid any attention to my hobby, he was very in tune with it.  

Oh my... and Wow, this will be so much fun!  (Four more days till retirement.)  
Lesson: Enter is not always through the door one thinks one will enter...ENTER RETIREMENT

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