Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Table Runner

Visitng my BFF this last week gave us an opportunity to take a class at her local quilt store.   in the Phoenix area.  We really just needed to be together and do something creative. The A Quilter's Oasis using a pattern from The Pattern Basket called Slice of Cake Table Runner designed for a "Layer Cake" (10" squares).  I chose a Christmas pack to make for the holiday.  The class turned out to be only the two of us, so we dived into the pattern.  Several set backs slowed us down but not to worry they were all solved...the teacher cut some squares for us and well, she cut all "a" an we needed "b"but luckily had enough fabric to make the correct cuts; then my BFFs sewing machine started making thread nests on the back side we had to give up and go home.  We each got 7 of the 19 squares done but at least all the cutting done.  We went straight to the sewing machine shop and dropped off the machine.  All is well as the machine was back on Thursday (tension part broke) and we got mine completed and her runner well along.  It was an easy sew and we both like the finished runner a lot.

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