Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Year Socks...DONE and Delivered

These socks got started in Alaska two years ago for my BFF.  The yarn is a Liza Sousa Sock Merino color Bloojay bought 3/2/2011.  These socks have been though a lot...the yarn was very breaky and was also not continuous when I went to ball it so there was more breaks than I like.  Then my BFF spent the summer with us and her four doxies and one that is a puppy, got into the yarn and need I say more. Came in from shopping and she and I just looked at each other and started to moan and laugh all at the same time.  A few days later after unknotting and unwinding all the yarn to rewind it was back to getting on the knitting.  Oh and that unknotting and unwinding meant more breaks where there were chew through in the yarn.  The number of ends that would need to be woven in was about 10 in one sock with all the ends.  The toes on the socks were not done well, long story on why, but hey it is the toes.
Outcome....they are delivered as we share Thanksgiving with  my BFF and she likes them and they fit perfect.  Measurements of the foot at least works when knitting for someone.
All is good, gift delivered and I'm ready to knit more socks. is the time to start a pair for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

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