Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Charity Quilts

Charily Quilts are my go to when I need to just sew and let go of any angst of what will be, pattern, color, and just let it all go.  Had retreat with my peeps and put into the bag charity quilts to sew along with another project.  I found it perfect on Friday night to sew and sew those 48 blocks together and just finish it while the wine and women talk flowed.

Another top in browns went together fast too.

Then another got done too. 
All the material was from stash and many of the squares were pieced to get the last "drop" from the fabric. 

I LOVE when stash leaves the house and will travel the world as a Lutheran World Relief quilt.  All the tops go to our  Women of the ELCA church group quilting to get sandwiched and tied so they can be ready for the truck taking them the weekend after Easter to the warehouse in Maryland before being shipped around the world.  This was my Lent "giveup" ...I gave up hoarding fabric that needs to go into the world and have cut a boat load of 10 1/2" squares to make more for LWR. 

"giveup" and give to others


  1. I so admire the Lutherans for this on-going ministry. I've told quilting friends who may be in charge of distributing my quilting wealth when I'm gone to take what they want and donate the rest to the Lutherans! Kudos to you too. I used to make many more charity quilts a year than I do now. Not like I don't have a lot of fabric in the closet to put in them. You may have inspired me into action!

  2. Thanks Idaho Beauty for your lovely words. I know we all have fabric that could see the world and bring comfort.