Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lost and Found the Threshold to Finishing

Back in January I completed a small project for a challenge with my modern quilt guild #FWMQG  all was well until a week later I go to quilt it.  I crossed the threshold of my sewing studio and went to exactly where I had put it GONE, not there, missing.  Tore the place apart looking for it, NOTHING, no where to be found.  Searched car (never know it might have been with me in the car?), searched high and low.  OK, it is lost. Jump to July...looking for backing for another project and out of the material I was considering jumped that silly challenge piece.  No earthly idea how it got into the middle of 4 yards of backing material but it had returned.  To not let it escape it jumped  to the top of my list and I finished it right then.  DONE.

Moda Beach House material challenge 

Who does not love half square triangles for versatility?
Starting the layout. Why do we move one that makes us move another and on and on? move one walk away come back rearrange

Final layout by me and letters for create found on internet (create letters: Pattern designed by Kristy@Quiet Play  )  they are so perfect
Top done

Auditioning binding color-black not it

Testing binding color. White wins


I like it a lot. I can see it in my sewing studio a friendly reminder that is all about CREATE.. no matter how long creativity may hide. 

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