Thursday, August 6, 2015

Love Me Some French Knots

Stitches on my needle began with embroidery at about age 5. My mother and grandmother always had stitches on a needle working either crochet, knitting, tatting, quilting and of course embroidery. I was given material and a very large needle with thread to "sew". My dolls all had "blankets" with embroidery I did. First I learned to do stem stitch, back stitch, then lazy daisy and french knots. I LOVED learning to making french knots with the relationship between number of wraps, tension and poking the needle to the back finding the dot there on the front. All my early work had a lot of dots/french knots. I am sad to say all that early work has long ago been lost as I am not a keeper type of  person. I still love embroidery so when an idea pops up I draw a very simple pattern and jump in. I wanted to do french knots and from that came a pillow pattern. Seeds Feed the Birds indulged my need to make french knots.

The center seeds are all french knots done is a variegated black/light yellow thread.  I would tell you the name of the thread brand, but alas I had put on a "bobbin" and did not label thus no name or maker.  It is a single thread embroidery type, bulky but nice to work with.  I know summer will end and those seeds will be preserved to feed the birds all winter.
 Need to know how to make french knot, link below will start you off well.
How to make a french knot

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