Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!    ....It's nice to be recognized on your birthday and I am blessed to have been recognized in many and different ways.  Flowers from hubby, gifts from friends, cards, calls and Facebook make it a good day.  I always think of my parents on this day and what joy I know they had as they held me, talked to me, hugged me and put hopes and dreams into the moment of first sight of their only girl.  I always knew I was loved, cared for and just special in every way for them.  Dad taught me what he knew about being smart, good at math, compassionate, and how to give love to family.  He is forever my hero and I miss him.  Mom taught me how to be strong, creative, self reliant and to never back down if you believe in the cause.  Now I am her care taker, advocate and voice and I consider it an honor to be those things for her because she was always those things for me and her family.
I am having a great time tonight after a nice dinner doing my Baltimore Album block knowing my parents gave me the necessary tools to do this creative outlet and live life everyday to the absolute fullest.  Thank you Mom and Dad, thanks you so much.  God bless.

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