Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taking the First Stitch

No matter what the project we all have to take a first stitch, a first step, a first word; whatever comes first.  I am taking the first step in blogging and it makes me happy to just be doing something new and different.  I know someone may read it or no one will read it.  That does not seem to be important because like our first step who knew where it would all go?  

Quilting needle has Baltimore Album on it.  Block 6 in what is the first year of what may be a few years to complete.  I love to applique and BA blocks do not disappoint.  Pictures to come

Knitting needles have socks on them.  Well, did have sock on the needles, just ripped it out and will start again.  Sad story of how two of the four needles got pulled off the stitches and with the lace pattern could not get them back rip it was.  I'm letting the thread rest a few days before I jump back on to cast on.  

Have had a wonderful time, as always, living the life of a needlewoman.  Until the next stitch, keep the stitches alive and live well.

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