Sunday, June 26, 2011

Knitting day this Sunday as Saturday was get the bow on the basket on the Baltimore Album quilt.  Visited Mom this morning and spent the time prayer for her.  She did not know I was there as she would not wake.    Next week will be visiting with the care center to revisit her condition.  She has gone down quickly, but it's not like I did know this from other older relatives I have gone down this road with.

Cast on day.  My BFF wants socks for her birthday and since the first ones I started I frogged, it's cast on day for the new plan.  The yarn is wonderful hand dyed blue/black reminding me of denim, so just a vanilla sock will be the plan  Wish me luck to get the pair done in a month.

Until the next stitch, keep the stitches alive and live well.

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