Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Friends and Quilting

My BFF one visit said, "Teach me to quilt".  What?  I could not really grasp it, I would love for her to share this with me and here it was the opportunity to jump in and teach her.  So, I gave her my Viking 500 sewing machine and taught her the magic nine patch quilt in the week she was here.  We laughed beyond tears as I had to remember she takes my creative looseness literally and I am a person that does it by pure gut and creativity and must remember that up for me up is not always up and for her up is always up.  Not long after a local quilt shop has a block of the month club by internet and with her in Arizona and me in Texas this was perfect.  I signed us up and we were off and running.  Our idea of this batik quilt would be that we would make it together each month and I could help her with whatever came along.  We had so much fun!  A year later she came to visit and we put our quilts together.  I got to design the connector blocks and both turned out beautiful.  My work in progress as the connector corners were about to be designed.....

The finished quilt certainly made me and her proud of the project and we have a theary that when we are roommates in the nursing home together we can have matching quilts.  We will tell them apart because the backs are different.  This was so worth the time and fun.

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