Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Stitches

It is now officially the end of Christmas in the church calendar, so I can now really think about the new year.  Stitches on my needles now for quilting just the Baltimore Album block that I just cannot get done. This block has been on my needles since July of last year when my Mom passed away.  I know I would have it done if I did not associate it with her so much.  The basket weave of the applique is from black and gold ribbon she had bought in the 50s.  I only have one more leaf to put on and it is almost done then tendrils to embroidery.  Pics to follow, as I will finish it this month.  Knitting needle stitches have a pair of socks to be finished, first one almost done in a nice soft blue/black variation thread also a hat from a camel color wool that i think is really too heavy for the hat, but we will see.

Stitches on my Needle is still nice for me as I do love to write or reflect on what fabrics of my life my needles are going through.  Till next post, keep your needles working your stitches and all will be sewn together well.

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