Sunday, March 18, 2012

INITIALS for Baltimore

Do you like your initials?  I like mine a lot. MD  I think those two letters carry a lot of weight and look good together.  When I decided to begin a Baltimore Album quilt I knew I wanted my initials as a block.  I looked for lettering that would fit my vision and struggled to find a font that I loved.  I wanted formal, flowing, elegant but simple.  I decided I would have to draft my own to get my eye satisfied.  It was a good process and fun.  I went through a few renditions before settling on what I wanted.  I chose what I am calling my focus fabric to use for the applique.  Copying to material, cutting and stitching began with the thought that I would add ivy or flowers or something intertwining the letters.  I tried several variations of this concept and was not happy with any of them.. I have I think decided to let the initials stand along.  I envision these initials to be a centering for the quilt, but since I am so far from even being close to having blocks finished (have finished 5 not including the initials) all this could change several times before the quilt top is done.  Now... my initials 

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