Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crayola Holders for Adopt a School Pen Pals

I am a pen pal for a PreK class and the letters are so much fun to receive and send.  I try and send a gift each letter I send.  My last letter I send a Dora the Explorer book entitled Camera Contest and asked lots of questions about taking pictures on spring break or family trips.  The class has 29 5 year olds....I cannot imagine keeping 29 5 year olds busy and learning all day.  Teachers are my heros!  This next letter I will be asking them about colors and coloring.
These are roll up Crayola caddies I made for each child. 

I put a key tag on each one so they could write there name on it.  I know this will be a hit with them as they love to color.  I have coloring books I will send to them also. 

Each holder holds 10 colors then wraps up nicely for storage.  I had so much fun making these and of course they are so easy to stitch and stuff with colors that in one afternoon I turned out 30 for the class.  People at work saw them and so I made extras to give away.  It really does not take much to give  someone a smile and I find sewing gives me so much room to bring smiles.  I like to think these will color a student's world with a bright future. 
Happy Spring one and all

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