Sunday, April 8, 2012


Families have traditions and Easter is a time where traditions are part of what I grew up with.  I grew up with a mother that loved to cook and was a Martha Stewart of her day especially at holiday time.  She would decorate, cook and bring the family together for celebrations.  Easter brought the infamous lamb cake.  The lamb cake mold would come down from the cabinet and be made ready to receive the pound cake mix mother would make from scratch.  The cream cheese icing and coconut were in the ready to decorate the lamb.  Eyes were either raisins, chocolate chips, M&Ms, red hots or whatever was in the cabinet that would work.  Mom passed this last year and the lamb mold passed to me.  It was put in the cabinet and I had not thought of it.  Easter coming I made my list of ToDos and the lamb cake comes to mind.  Who would make the lamb cake?  I know nothing of making cakes let alone one in a mold but it was now mine to keep the tradition of, thank goodness for internet.  Yes, there is lots of information about the lamb cake mold, especially the antique cast iron mold from the 50s.  Wow, just think something in my family that long and here I am, the holder of the tradition.  Me, really? Me?  I gave it a try my way.  Boxed pound cake mix, canned icing, coconut colored with green sugar used on christmas cookies (that's a whole other story) and lots of prayer.  The results?  The bare lamb and the iced cake.  The cake enjoyed by all and so the tradition lives on.  It was a really good Easter, Praise God.

Almost scary..very alien

Very cute, Perfect

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