Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girl's Weekend Aprons

It is girl's weekend coming up this week and the plans are coming together at last.  It was fun to think of what would be fun for Dtr, 2 Dtr-in-laws and myself while hopefully learning something. I chose cooking  and as cooking is one of those things I'm not really good at, but can do enough not to starve, this put me looking for cooking classes.  I checked all the usual places and it was not easy to find just something fun.  There are several places that on Saturday do the learn to use a knife class  or knifing skills.  Now I'm not brave enough to think I would come out of the class and not end up in the emergency room getting stitches or worse....Sur La Table won the day with a class on tarts and Central Market won the evening with appetizers.  I am so looking forward to this fun day and cooking with my wonderful girls.

It was time to think of goodie bags.  I got a really great deal @ on these super bags.  They are just perfect. Tote bag with another bag that has items for scrap booking.  I am filling with aprons I made...So much fun.  Pattern:K103 Ellie mae designs for Kwik SEW   only one did I do hand pleating, all the others I used the machine ruffler...Soooo much easier!  But over all, they were fun to make and I love how they turned out.

I am adding lots of other goodies to the bags so our girl's cooking weekend will be remembered.
 Bon Appetite

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