Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Modern Quilt"

When my local quilt shop had its annual "ugly fabric" challenge, I always love to participate.  I got my brown bag and as usual wrote on the outside my personal challenge as to what theme would be taken on. I wrote "Modern Quilt".  I wanted to break away from my usual and use more geometric pattern with fun color and funky quilting.  My fabric was a nice geometric with lots of green/pink coloring I used in some of the squares.  I found a pattern on the internet from the Modern Quilt Guild site then purchased material that certainly was fun and had great color compliment for the background.  The quilting I did in a handdyed  yarn with chunky stitches and tied in intervals.  I had so much fun making the quilt and seeing the squares float.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Friends and Quilting

My BFF one visit said, "Teach me to quilt".  What?  I could not really grasp it, I would love for her to share this with me and here it was the opportunity to jump in and teach her.  So, I gave her my Viking 500 sewing machine and taught her the magic nine patch quilt in the week she was here.  We laughed beyond tears as I had to remember she takes my creative looseness literally and I am a person that does it by pure gut and creativity and must remember that up for me up is not always up and for her up is always up.  Not long after a local quilt shop has a block of the month club by internet and with her in Arizona and me in Texas this was perfect.  I signed us up and we were off and running.  Our idea of this batik quilt would be that we would make it together each month and I could help her with whatever came along.  We had so much fun!  A year later she came to visit and we put our quilts together.  I got to design the connector blocks and both turned out beautiful.  My work in progress as the connector corners were about to be designed.....

The finished quilt certainly made me and her proud of the project and we have a theary that when we are roommates in the nursing home together we can have matching quilts.  We will tell them apart because the backs are different.  This was so worth the time and fun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Stitches

It is now officially the end of Christmas in the church calendar, so I can now really think about the new year.  Stitches on my needles now for quilting just the Baltimore Album block that I just cannot get done. This block has been on my needles since July of last year when my Mom passed away.  I know I would have it done if I did not associate it with her so much.  The basket weave of the applique is from black and gold ribbon she had bought in the 50s.  I only have one more leaf to put on and it is almost done then tendrils to embroidery.  Pics to follow, as I will finish it this month.  Knitting needle stitches have a pair of socks to be finished, first one almost done in a nice soft blue/black variation thread also a hat from a camel color wool that i think is really too heavy for the hat, but we will see.

Stitches on my Needle is still nice for me as I do love to write or reflect on what fabrics of my life my needles are going through.  Till next post, keep your needles working your stitches and all will be sewn together well.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Adult table ready to party...Happy New Year
 Adult table center piece and chandelier...

Centerpiece with poppers and sparklers
Kid's table centerpiece with fun glasses and favors

The New Year's Eve event at our home each year is a dinner for family and friends.  The meal menu never changes....lobster for adults/chicken nuggets for kids, Dom P champagne for adults/non alcoholic sparkle for kids and any adult who prefers non alcoholic, baked potatoes for adults or kids that want that or tater tots, salad, garlic french bread and small Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  We also enjoy wonderful appetizers of queso, chips, Texas caviar, and shrimp cocktail w/ delightful wines.  We take our time and enjoy our company while the grandkids/cousins all play and enjoy being together, which they do a lot.  I love the decorating of the tables to make festive and fun.  Adults and children should feel they are special!  EVERYONE had a special night and the young adults were able to make their other parties with friends. 28 YEARS OF THIS TRADITION...... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 AND BLESSINGS TO ALL.