Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bunny Snack Table Runner

It is Spring and with the turn of the season also comes for our family the Easter season.  It is always a time of sadness for what our world caused for the one we call Lord to endure but greatest joy as to what our God gave us in the resurrection of our Lord.  No matter a person's belief there is still the beauty of Spring with the budding of a fresh new world after a sleepy Fall and Winter.  The Easter Bunny also has a big job of getting the eggs delivered and candy and gifts.  Bunnies can get hungry what with all the hopping so we leave snacks to keep the bunny going.  Jelly beans, cookies, carrot cake, chocolate...well most anything sugary yummy and we want to make sure the bunny can see quickly where to hop and snack.  To ensure the bunny sees it I made a giant carrot from the pattern All People Quilt  (After seeing how cute I made 4 more for my kid's families and my BFF)  A big plus with this project is I got to use a lot of orange fabric scraps and using scraps is always a good thing. 

Flip & Sew Carrot Table Runner


Stash for orange fabric

Strips all cut ready to sew

All done - one of five I made

back looking good for this quilt as you go pattern

one already delivered, three to be mailed and one stays with me...the Bunny needs a place for snacks here too.

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